Intercom is a messaging platform that helps businesses connect with consumers.

Dial I for Intercom, for Enriched Customer Interactions for your Subscription Business

Chargebee +

Intercom empowers businesses to have contextual conversations with customers by tracking product usage and customer activity. We decided to add power to Intercom with this integration - to fully harness the power of customer data and information across different products, and expand the possibilities by bringing it together in one place.

Chargebee’s integration with Intercom makes a case for powerful communication. Add subscription, customer, and invoice-related attributes as well as custom fields to existing customer information in Intercom.

Personalized Communication

Improved Customer-facing Interactions

Turn communication into conversations with context, personalization, and a touch of ‘human’ in your interactions.

  • Leverage Intercom’s segments and send contextual emails to customer groups based on subscription or payment status.

  • Stay up-to-date with the subscription status of your customers within Intercom and manage conversations at scale.

  • Run onboarding campaigns, with faster iterations, to convert trial subscribers into paying customers.

Consolidate Siloed Data

Smarter Decisions With Consolidated Data

Different teams perceive customer data differently. Decisions can be made smarter and faster when all this data is available in one place.

  • Marketers can run targeted email campaigns based on the customer information.

  • Product Managers can make sense of feature adoption and nudge customers based on the subscription status.

  • Customer success teams can recommend custom solutions to key customers based on the pricing plan.

Seamless Data Sync

Gain Control over Data Sync

Improve efficiency and productivity by managing sync preferences between Chargebee and Intercom.

  • Auto sync or manually sync your data. The auto sync option ensures that data is synced and up-to-date every 6 hours.

  • Select and control subscription details, customer details, and payment fields that need to be synced.

  • Choose the custom fields that need to be synced with Intercom for a more granular integration and personalized experience.