Chargebee integrates with Oracle NetSuite to automate revenue management and reconciliation.

Improve your order-to-cash cycle, speed up cash flows and close books at scale, with Chargebee and NetSuite.

Chargebee +
Oracle NetSuite

Chargebee integrates with Oracle NetSuite to offer a streamlined subscription accounting experience.

As a finance manager, Chargebee + NetSuite will enable you to streamline your Finance Operations. Improve your order-to-cash cycle, speed up cash flows, and close books at scale.

If you’re a sales manager, this integration will help you craft an ideal subscription-to-sales order experience for your customers so there are no delays due to manual interventions.

The integration bridges Chargebee’s deep subscription management, billing & invoicing engine and NetSuite’s enterprise-grade, GAAP-compliant accounting and revenue recognition reporting modules. And as your operations scale, that’s essential future-proofing that you’re going to need.

Accurate GL Account Mapping

Organize your daily financial data with the Chart of Accounts mapping. Mapping of General Ledger accounts provisions your finance team with solid audit trails and strong reporting for multi-entity revenue management.

The integration enables you to easily map

  • GL Accounts per Plan and Addon

  • Bank Account or an undeposited funds Account for Payments and Refunds

… and everything else, including round-offs, bad debts (Write-offs), ad-hoc charges, discounts, and setup fees.

Accurate auto-sync of invoices

At scale, your billing and accounting systems need to speak the same language. Save your precious hours cobbling between sheets and obsolete finance tools, manually syncing your customer data, importing CSV files, running scripts. With Chargebee and NetSuite, you can automatically sync

  • Subscriptions

  • Customers

  • Multi-currency Invoices and Credit Notes

  • Payments and Refunds

  • Offline payments with a bi-directional sync

  • Geo-specific taxes

Benefit from auto-sync, that takes place every 24 hours with visibility to a summary of sync failures.

Automatic Sales Order Creation

Speed up the order-to-cash cycle significantly by automating sales orders creation. Trigger sales order creation in NetSuite automatically, when a subscription (or an invoice) is created in Chargebee, so your team can approve the sales order or take it up for fulfilment. Chargebee can also initiate payment collection for you when your invoices are generated. All your generated invoices are synced by Chargebee against your sales orders in NetSuite. When you receive payments via Chargebee, they are further synced against these invoices in NetSuite. And what if your payment is collected before the invoices are synced? No problem, these payments will be recorded in NetSuite as Customer Deposits.

With the Sales Order integration process between Chargebee and NetSuite, you can:

  • Make approval workflows work for you

  • Make order fulfillments further your sales process

  • Recognize revenues based on the sales-order, in compliance with ASC 606 guidelines

Automated Reconciliation

The task of matching the records in your banks and books doesn’t have to be painful anymore. Reconcile your payment received through your gateway against your bank account to maintain a sane payment profile. You can import your gateway statements from Stripe or Braintree, and configure a relevant reconciliation rule in NetSuite to automatically reconcile payments.

Compliant Revenue Management Rules

Recurring revenue is the heart of your subscription business. As your business scales upmarket, it becomes important to have a solid revenue recognition process that you can trust and rely on, compliant with GAAP and ASC 606 in the US and IFRS 15 in Europe. Chargebee’s integration with NetSuite lets you sync invoice amount and dates to automate recognition in NetSuite and generate audit-ready Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue reports.

Manage Multiple Subsidiaries

Your global enterprise is a multinational, multi-subsidiary operation. The Chargebee-NetSuite integration lets you manage your subsidiaries from across the globe from within Chargebee:

  • Fetch subsidiary details from your NetSuite account, or set up subsidiaries from within Chargebee.

  • Upload a .csv with the subsidiary-country mapping details directly through the product UI, and set up all your subsidiaries in one go.