Connect Salesforce with Chargebee to drive more subscription revenue

Sales teams start and end their day inside the CRM. And whether you have a completely sales-driven workflow, or a predominantly self-serve onboarding with an inside sales team, chances are you use Salesforce for your sales automation. Which means you’d rather have your team manage their entire sales cycles from quotes, to orders to billing and renewals without leaving the comfort of the world’s most popular CRM.

The Chargebee + Salesforce integration gives sales teams the ability to manage your subscription sales elegantly. Every subscription sale made with every opportunity can be tracked and recognised in Salesforce.

With customer, subscription and invoice information in Chargebee readily available in Salesforce, it’s like having a mini-Chargebee right within Salesforce!

Here’s what it means for your sales teams:

  1. Complete the order-to-cash-to-loyalty cycle from within Salesforce.

  2. Create, view, change and even cancel subscriptions without breaking context.

  3. Have subscription and billing information in-sync with sales - including plans, subscriptions, coupons, addons, complex pricing models, quotes and invoices.

  4. Create subscriptions from closed-won opportunities with minimal user inputs.

  5. Map subscription customers to accounts rather than contacts, to ensure that the deal is with the company rather than an individual.

  6. Know ‘who pays’ and ‘who subscribes’ in the context of Parent-Child Account to provide a superior transaction experience.

  7. Identify more upsell and cross-sell opportunities with contextual 360° view of invoices, subscriptions, opportunities and accounts.

  8. Get full visibility into the records synchronized between Chargebee and Salesforce and ensure the integration is running smooth, with the Sync Health Dashboard in Salesforce.

Accurate Subscription and CRM Data

Ensure that your subscription data syncs with your CRM data. The integration lets you sync:

  • Quotes

  • Customer records

  • Plans & Addons

  • Subscriptions

  • Coupons

  • Invoices

  • Credit notes

Easy Subscriber Management

Controlling the entire subscription lifecycle of your customers has never been easier. Be it sending and getting approvals for quotes, managing their subscriptions or even handling renewals - Chargebee's integration with Salesforce lets you do it all, saving you time and manual effort.

Built for Sales Workflows
Chargebee Salesforce built for sales workflows.png

The Chargebee-Salesforce integration is purpose built for various sales flows - here are just a few examples

  • Sales driven - Create or update a Chargebee subscription directly from a Salesforce account via a button, saving time for sales teas

  • Self Serve - Mark opportunities as ‘won’ when a sales is completed through a checkout page

  • Hybrid sales - Powerful matching logic that eliminates duplicate inbound leads in Chargebee and Salesforce

Enterprise Class Functions
  • Parent-Child hierarchy to define who pays and who receives invoices

  • Account Mapping to ensure that a subscription is attributed to an account rather than an individual

  • Chargebee’s native quotes function works with your existing approval work flow when you create and send quotes

  • Flexibility to build out complex pricing and discounting models to give the best value for your customer

  • Structure your workflow to either automatically create or update subscriptions in Chargebee from Salesforce opportunities. Or if you wish, allow your teams to manually create subscriptions via user actions.

Empower your administrators and ops team to trace, manage and resolve sync errors from within Salesforce.

Empower your administrators and ops team to trace, manage and resolve sync errors from within Salesforce.

1. Sync Health Dashboard

  • The Salesforce + Chargebee integration may encounter sync errors which prevent data from syncing.

  • The Sync Health Dashboard allows your Salesforce admins to view the status of sync jobs, identify and resolve errors.

  • Without letting sync issues pile up, admins can stay informed when subscriptions fail to sync and take corrective actions so that downstream automation out of Salesforce is not impacted.

2. Sync logs

  • Sync Logs tab provides full visibility into what records synced, what failed to sync, the root cause for the failure, leaving a complete audit trail in Salesforce.

  • Filters allow narrowing down the search based on entity type, synced or not synced, hard or soft failure, date range, and ID.

Visit Salesforce to learn more about setting up this integration.

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution that lets you keep track of the leads generated, deals closed, and new customers acquired by your business.

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