Complete billing automation for (ambitiously) hybrid revenue workflows

Adaptable experimentation infra for (consistently) customer-first retention wins


For startups monetizing early traction.

Free for the first USD 250K of cumulative billing, then 0.75% on billing
Once a merchant's cumulative billing exceeds the given USD 250K limit, an overage fee of 0.75% is charged monthly for all billing after that.



Frequently asked questions

Do I get a sandbox (test environment)?

Yes, every domain signed up with Chargebee comes with a free test environment. You may use this test environment to explore, develop, and test before you go live.


Maximize subscriber retention with best-in-class digital experiences.



For the first 500 monthly sessions
  • Launch Guidance and Account Management
  • Multi-variant Testing
  • Advanced Targeting
  • 10 (Offers, Audiences, Experiences)

Leverage an agile, flexible, and secure retention optimization solution.

Get a quote tailored to your needs
  • Multi-brand Support
  • ML-based Smart Targeting
  • Retained Revenue Reporting
  • Unlimited(Offers, Audiences, Experiences)

Grow your subscription services and reduce voluntary churn.

(For the first 50 monthly sessions)



Frequently asked questions

How much does Chargebee Retention cost?

Chargebee Retention is a revenue-generating service, in that we save customers from canceling, and in doing so generate positive ROI. We charge based on your plan (Essential, Performance, or Enterprise) and your plan tier, depending on your volumes (or the number of monthly sessions). Your plan tier includes a number of base sessions per month (e.g. the 1000 - 2500 session Performance plan tier includes 1000 sessions per month), as well as a base session rate in case you exceed your session limit.

Enterprise-grade security.
By design.

You can trust us to ensure that data is protected with encryption, thorough monitoring mechanisms, development safeguards, and compliant frameworks across each [Network, Infra, Application] layer.

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