Every Invoice Email
is an Opportunity

Customize and send customer lifecycle emails that help you connect better with your customers.

Send emails that delight and inform

Beautiful emails,
all set, to do the work.

Each email has a job. To express. To convey. To nudge. With this revamp, the words, the colors, and the white spaces, all align themselves to make that job happen. Beautifully. Without you having to do anything. Promise!

Turn your customer emails into opportunities.

Always reach the right people with effective segmentation.

Inboxes hate emails not meant for them. Get to customers from a specific region, a given plan, or any other segment that makes them, them…

Granular control of notifications

Choose when you want to send the email for every subscription event. You can add notifications for events specific to your business.

Option to send multiple reminders & followups

Get better at payment recovery with great subject lines, and relentless followups & reminders. Time your emails so they can be fired at the right time.

A single, solid template, or plain old plain-text

A template that works on its own, and you can customize in a jiffy. With options to add a common sender address, social media links, footer notes.

And in case you need it, we’ve got the
simplest email editor around

Write your email afresh. Move sections about. Add splashes and drops of your brand. Italicize your puns, and P.S. Link social accounts. Personalize. Be you.

Collaborate Better Across Teams

Decide who in your organization customizes email templates, defines notification cadences, and who gets to hit send. And choose to add notes to go the extra mile and add your personal touch.

Email Preferences With More Choice and Control

Send manual emails in bulk or one-on-one, at a customer, subscription, and invoice level. Request payments and timely updates when the preferred payment methods are about to expire.

And so much more…

Our emails work out of the box. If you wish to customize them, with a blend of identity and understanding, you can change anything, and still have them up and running in minutes.

  • Customize email signature
  • Import your own HTML
  • Add footer notes
  • Add social media links

Shape the customer experience you’d want to deliver with our new email notifications.