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Reduce the risk of involuntary churn

When customers fail to pay, it’s not always a cancellation. Payment failures due to network issues, may seem like a minor setback but such “soft” failures do impact your business.

Chargebee’s smart retry process automatically recovers such failed payments by retrying charges at configurable, pre-set intervals.

Automated notifications

Every time a transaction attempt is made it helps to tell your customers about the attempt to charge and the corresponding transaction’s status. Tweak these automatic notifications to match your tone & language, and keep your customers in the know.

Smart, configurable retry rules

There’s no one payment retry recipe that works for all. Which is why you have complete control over your payment retry intervals. So no matter what your online payment method, pricing plan is, test for an optimal retry interval that works best for your customers and make it work for you.

Handle exceptions with grace

Exceptions and edge cases are annoying, but handling such exceptions with grace, builds a great rapport with your customers. When customers have their cards flagged due to reasons beyond their control, they might genuinely need your help to delay further attempted charges. In such cases, just stop the dunning process for certain Invoices and be in their good books.

Offline Dunning

With offline payments such as wire transfers, checks etc. it’s slightly tricky to remind customers to pay when they have pending payments. Chargebee extends the dunning feature to offline payments by setting up automatic notifications to reduce all the manual work. Don’t squirm anymore, just set up reminders and keep customers updated about pending invoices.

Built for Developers

By providing you a much needed layer of abstraction, and eliminating complexities, Chargebee's API is built to handle all your billing edge cases without messing up your working code. And not to mention the in-depth API documentation, client libraries, and exhaustive webhooks that would just make life simpler!

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