Your toolbox to build great retention experiences

Explore the arsenal of features that you need to save customers from canceling

Cancel Experience

Transform your cancel pages into personalized, intelligent experiences that offer valuable customer insights.

Cancel pages

Improve customer retention with interactive cancel pages designed to prevent cancellations.

Branding Manager

Customize your cancellation page's URL, logo, and colors to match your brand and enhance the customer experience.

Offer Library

Retain customer loyalty by offering personalized options like pauses, discounts, and plan changes.

Loss aversion cards

Display irresistible customized messages to keep customers engaged. Use loss aversion cards to display exclusive offers, account history, usage stats, etc.

Reason Library

Track and analyze cancellation reasons to gain actionable insights for better business decisions.

Full Page Translations for Multinational support

Enhance global customer engagement with region-specific, multilingual support. and connect with your customers in their preferred language.


Audiences and Targeting

Tailor your approach to meet the specific needs of each customer by creating targeted audiences and directing them to personalized experiences that resonate with their unique preferences. Experiment with various cancellation experiences to gain insights into why customers cancel and provide tailored solutions to prevent churn. Enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.

Audience Manager

Easily segment customers with user-defined rules to fine-tune your offers and messages, making your retention workflows more effective.

A/B Testing

Validate the best approach to retain customers. Compare different offers and messages to identify the most effective strategy for customer retention.

Random offer testing

Compare offers and measure their effectiveness to craft the ultimate retention strategy for your business.

Rule-based testing

Conduct advanced retention experiments by segmenting audiences and testing multiple strategies at once for more effective results.

Smart Targeting

Analyze customer attributes and direct them to the most effective cancellation experience to save their subscription.


Actionable Insights and Reporting

Gain deep customer insights not just for data analysis but to enhance the overall customer experience and stay ahead.

Retention Insights

Go beyond cancellation metrics to evaluate the entire customer lifecycle. Analyze retention with saves, deflects, cancels, watchlist, retained revenue and cohorts to enhance your customer retention strategy.


Track and visualize key performance trends over time, empowering you to make data-driven improvements to your retention strategy.

Customer Reports

Understand each customer's unique experience to identify why they left and what offers resonate to create personalized retention experiences that build stronger relationships.

Retention Benchmarking

Measure against industry peers, set goals for improvement, and strive to outperform competitors to achieve higher retention rates and drive success.

Retained Revenue Reporting

Capture future repurchases from subscribers who once considered canceling to maximize your Deflection Funnel's value and improve overall retention rates.

Bypass and Lift

Compare your in-house cancel flow metrics like deflection rate and save rate with Chargebee Retention using A/B testing for deeper insights.



Information is useless when not shared. Chargebee Retention can capture and join data from multiple sources while routing retention experience events and changes to ensure uniformity across your organization.

Alerts and Webhooks

Stay informed with notifications when several different retention events get initiated, e.g., offer accept, cancel, successful save, etc. Also, get customer feedback straight to your inbox.


Track critical events and properties using the native integration with Segment. With real-time integrated data flow, you will know how your customers are interacting with the cancel experiences.


With a no-code integration with Chargebee, you can route customer attributes to create audiences and target them with relevant offers. Also, update subscriptions in real-time to ensure consistency across your stack.

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In just a few clicks, you can integrate Chargebee Retention and Salesforce. Map fields relevant to you, and start providing personalized cancel experiences based on plan, age, revenue, and other vital attributes.


Connect your team to vital information with a native integration that brings real-time alerts about canceled and flight-risk customers. Get notified instantly on save opportunities in Slack to take action and engage.

Workflow triggers

Automatically trigger reach-outs, emails, and other initiatives to any tool with a no-code Zapier integration. Send zaps to update your CRM and spark email campaigns to at-risk customers.


Security and Compliance

When it comes to corporate and data security, we're committed to meeting the needs of today's web regulatory environment. We aim to deliver the best overall experience from our AWS-hosted platform and invest in annual SOC2 auditing and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance.


Chargebee Retention maintains compliance with an annual examination and attestation to SOC 2. This compliance ensures that your customer data is secure and gives your IT team a hassle-free onboarding experience.


Chargebee Retention complies with the GDPR directive to ensure customer data privacy and protection. All data is stored and transmitted with end-to-end encryption. Your customer data is stored using 256-bit AES encryption, making it highly secure.


To successfully utilize new technology, a human touch is necessary. At Chargebee Retention, we pride ourselves on providing world-class support, best practices, and knowledge transfer to ensure our customers get the best out of their investment.

Dedicated Support (Performance and Enterprise Plans)

With a customer success manager dedicated to working with your team and ensuring you get the most out of your Retention, you will always have a concerned supporter to set you up for success.

Best practices

Figuring out what works best for your customers and industry can be challenging. Our team shares best practices from their experience to help you set up a retention engine that saves customers.

Onboarding (for Performance and Enterprise Plans)

Get a dedicated technical implementation specialist and technical engineer. They will work with your team and your stack to ensure it is ready to use Chargebee Retention to its fullest potential.

Quarterly performance reviews

As the world changes, so do retention behaviors. With quarterly performance reviews, we can ensure that your retention efforts align with industry changes and that you see consistent value from our partnership.

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