Drive Customer Loyalty with Personalized Offer Strategies

Leverage the power of Retention AI to strengthen your offer strategy. Create and deploy personalized retention offers that reduce churn and foster stronger customer loyalty. 

Unlocking the Power of Personalized Offers

Customized Offers

Craft offers tailored to specific audience cohorts, ensuring each offer resonates effectively and keeps customers from canceling.

Streamlined Offer Creation

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes. With Retention AI, crafting compelling offers is effortless, saving time and resources.

Real-Time Optimization

React swiftly to customer behavior with dynamically generated offers, ensuring you engage with them at the right time to avoid customer churn. 

Offer-level Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, empowering data-driven decisions for optimized offer strategies.


Deploy compelling offers in minutes.

Say goodbye to extensive engineering efforts and major process overhauls. Craft high-performing copies with Retention AI, customize the layout and design with an intuitive offer builder and personalized offers within minutes.


Devise a powerful offer strategy

Customers churn for various reasons, and offering the same incentives is ineffective. You must tailor offers based on individual needs, be it discounts, upgrades, or subscription pauses. Retention helps deploy diverse offer categories tailored to specific customer cohorts, maximizing your retention efforts while ensuring a personalized approach to customer retention. 


Optimize engagement with precise targeting

Tailor your offer strategy precisely by controlling the timing, offer category, and audience based on customer engagement history. Customize offers to tackle specific churn reasons and choose from various placements to maximize the impact of your offers, ensuring they resonate with your audience at every touchpoint. 


Automate subscription updates with smart workflow

Determine the next step when your customer accepts the offer. Choose the processing method that suits your needs, whether direct billing integration, utilizing webhooks, or leveraging email options. With Retention, streamline your end-to-end offer strategy.


Monitor offer performance to optimize your retention efforts

Gain deeper insights into offer performance with detailed reports on views, CTA engagement, accepted offers, saved customers, revenue impact, conversion rates, and more. Evaluate performance across different audiences and experiences for informed decision-making.

Take control of customer churn now!

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