Automate Revenue Recognition for your Subscription Business with Chargebee

With ASC 606-compliant Revenue Recognition and Deferred Revenue Reporting, eliminate complexities that might arise in your accounting and finance.

For Every Billing and
Subscription Scenario

What Chargebee’s ASC-606 compliant RevRec model Accounts for

  • Prorations, cancellations, upgrades, downgrades
  • One-time charges, metered charges, add-ons, set-up fees
  • Full/partial refunds
  • Write-offs & unrealized revenue
  • Multi-currency reporting
SaaS Revenue Recognition

Your Billing Platform
as a Source of Truth

Chargebee uncomplicates revenue recognition by using your billing platform as the source. With Chargebee’s ability to solve multiple complex billing use-cases, you get an accurate, flexible, and comprehensive revenue reporting for your organisation. Also, you get to seamlessly manage recurring payments along with revenue reporting.

Deferred Revenue Reporting

Accurate and Comprehensive Deferred Revenue Recognition

What if a customer upgrades or cancels mid-period? Chargebee’s Deferred Revenue Recognition module does a day-based revenue calculation. The balance amount to be recognized each month and the deferred revenue is calculated automatically. You get a periodic and comprehensive deferred revenue reporting for all plans, products, and currencies.

ASC 606 Revenue Reporting

Revenue Recognition
that’s GAAP-Compliant

Revenue recognition by Chargebee is ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant and addresses complexities in accounting and finance for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Chargebee integrates with Softrax, for automated revenue management and accurate revenue allocation, with detailed revenue tracking and reporting customizations.

Chargebee + Softrax for ASC 606/IFRS 15 Revenue Management
Revenue Reporting

Reliable Revenue Reporting

With Chargebee’s Revenue Recognition, you can generate a report for each currency that your business handles. You also get account summary reports, which is a one-stop-shop for tracking and summarizing everything from your payments to write-offs, and makes accounting easier.