Simplified Xero/QuickBooks Reconciliation for Subscription Businesses

Gain access to payment gateway transactional data, right inside your favourite accounting software. What's more, automate reconciliation with just a click.

Because we hate working late too

Here's a fun slide deck that shows you how this works.

If you are managing a business account, it is a real bummer when the invoice information on your accounting software does not match the figures on your bank statement.

As we speak, accountants are spending hours upon hours of their time reconciling these numbers manually. This becomes truly difficult to manage if your online business processes thousands of transactions per day via payment gateways.

With Chargebee's Reconciliation feature, you can save up to 5 hours every week. Here's what you can do with it, in a nutshell.

Stripe-Xero Connect

Import ready-to-use files from Stripe

Stripe-Xero Connect

Use Chargebee to import transactions from Stripe straight into Xero or QuickBooks. What's more, you don't need to worry about formatting. The file arrives ready for upload!

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Jens Hellberg
The new reconciliation feature saves us a lot of time! No more sifting through Stripe to figure out the allocations.
Jens Hellberg,
Managing Director, TruckScience
One Click Automation

Automate Reconciliation with just a click

Automate Xero Reconciliation

Reconcile gateway transactions with bank statements in seconds using Chargebee's Google Chrome plugin. You don't have to manually match transactions anymore. What took you 5 hours every week is now just a click away. Go home early!

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Jens Hellberg
Being able to automatically reconcile Stripe payments, transfers and fees is a huge win and as with everything Chargebee does, it's solid and feels like they've thought of everything.
Will Jennings,
Managing Director, Countfire