Get your Immunity Shot for PSD2 with Chargebee

With a 3DS compliant checkout, smart recovery for SCA payment failures, and gateway-independence, Chargebee makes your SaaS immune to PSD2 pains.

PSD2 Compliance
Support SCA payment flows with a built-in SCA compliant checkout page or create your own with Chargebee Moments.
Eliminate PSD2 related conversion risks by offering alternate payment methods like Direct Debit and eWallets.
Set up backup payment gateway(s) to de-risk your business from non-compliant payment gateways.
Save your business from payment failures with Smart Dunning processes to recover 3DS failed payments.

Chargebee Checkout: Get Conversions
Immune to SCA-related Dropoffs


SaaS businesses that do not support 3D Secure 2 flows on their checkout stand to lose 20% or more conversions due to dropoffs. Add that to the surge in SCA-related payment failures, and PSD2 can wreak havoc for European SaaS. Both Chargebee's plug-and-play checkout and customizable Chargebee JS options keep you SCA compliant from Day Zero. Design the perfect high-converting checkout, and let Chargebee handle the compliance wizardry!

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Multiple Gateways: Keep Revenue Immune to Gateway Risks

Your gateway decided to not support 3DS2 flows. Or perhaps doesn't do a great job in whitelisting your subscriber transactions. And let's not even get started about the code changes you need to make every time your gateway updates their APIs. Migrating to another gateway on short notice isn't easy.

Chargebee lets you setup multiple payment gateways with easy backups. Setup fallback gateways in seconds without eating into your developer-time. Migrate into Chargebee so your business continues even if your gateway isn't PSD2 compliant.

The Easiest Way is to Skip SCA: Avoid PSD2 Altogether

You shouldn't have to cry over customers churning because their payment failed 3DS2 checks. Offer payment methods that completely circumvent "credit cards" and the associated PSD2 nightmare. Let customers pay you through a mix of Direct Debit via SEPA and BACS, or eWallets like PayPal and Apple Pay so you remain untouched by SCA failures.

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A Smarter Way to Rescue Revenue

Payment retries. Email reminders. You don't have to break your head over a game plan to handle 3DS declined payments. Run revenue recovery on autopilot and let Chargebee figure out the right time to retry declined payments. Give your customers a head's up of their failed payments by reaching out to them via email with a link to authenticate the payments — you have the power to decide the frequency of email reminders and the number of retries as well.

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