Migrate to Chargebee
Let's tear down those walls.

With Chargebee you get more than a state-of-the-art billing and subscription management platform. You get a partner invested in your growth every day.

Whether you're looking to move from Zuora, Recurly, Chargify, Moonclerk, Fusebill, Braintree, Stripe Gateway, Authorize.net, or your internal billing system, move to a subscription management platform that scales and grows with you.
Migrate your subscriptions & billing platform
100s of businesses & 1.5M+ subscriptions Migrated for good reason...
Only Chargebee gives your business the freedom to deliver the kind of exceptional experience you desire, to your customers month on month.

Freedom from Payment Gateway Lock-ins

Chargebee is payment gateway agnostic with support for 30+ payment gateway integrations and offline payment options.

Freedom to Service Every Exception

Never say no to your customers because of subscription limitations. Chargebee is built to handle most exceptional scenarios you may encounter in your business.

Freedom to Use Multiple Payment Methods

Don't let your business be disrupted by card expiries or credit limits. With Chargebee, you can collect payments via cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and more.

Freedom to Scale Globally

Expand into new territories. New languages, new currencies, geo-specific tax laws, new payment preferences - Chargebee lets you personalize globally.

Freedom from Accounting Inaccuracies

Chargebee lets you marry your subscriptions and billing information with accounting, through Xero and QuickBooks integrations that keep reconciliation pains at bay.

Freedom to Price and Bill Flexibly

Set up any billing and pricing use-case - from allowing flat fee pricing to one-time charges to quantity-based pricing, from billing customers on the same date to specific dates.

Julien Balmont
We saw very few developments and upgrades on [Zuora] engine and was priced too high for a business starting up. They tended to forget the customer in relation. I'd say that the top advantage with Chargebee is the time saved with all the quick actions, the intuitive interface and the reactive customer support.

When you migrate to Chargebee you're in safe hands, every step of the way.

Migrating your entire billing system is not easy. We get that. It's like performing an open heart surgery, and it's just not fair to undermine how big a deal it is. But with Chargebee you have the best surgeons on call to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Zero hiccup migration
From signup to your customer's first subscription cycle, our Chargebee Expedited Onboarding Experts will work with you to ensure you don't have a single operational crease during migration.
Unlimited support
Whether you have an integration issue today, or a use case that comes up ten months later, we're there for you to address your billing, accounting and operations issues.
Rich Technical documentation
Chargebee's documentation is designed to be expansive and yet digestible, with easy examples and even ready-to-use code snippets.
You won't regret moving to Chargebee.
White Glove service worthy of a C.E.O!
Get end-to-end concierge service, right from setup to handling every one of your use cases, migrating your billing and subscriptions data and going live without a hitch, with the Chargebee Expedited Onboarding (C.E.O) Program.
You won't be put in an embarrassing situation
Your customers will not be double-billed. They will not receive lifecycle emails that they shouldn't receive. They won't even know you switched billing systems. Our PCI-compliant migration is 100% secure.
Transparent Product, No Forced Lock-Ins
There's a reason we don't hide our pricing page. We believe a great partnership begins with transparency. That's why you can port your customer and card data any time you want. We want you to stay with us because you love us - not because your data is held hostage.
Money back promise
There is always the fear of "what if" and critical scenarios you just can't know until you hit them - but here's a promise: If you migrate in, and then realize you'd rather go back to your old system within the first 3 months, we'll give you your money back. And that's a promise!
Where do I begin?
Simply, sign up and start onboarding your customers on to Chargebee. Really, it's that simple.

Sign up to Chargebee by selecting your current billing system

Take a spin and start exploring Chargebee, while we setup your migration plan from Zuora, Recurly, Chargify, Moonclerk, Fusebill, Stripe Billing, In-house billing system or any other solution that you currently use.

Roll out Chargebee just for your new subscriptions

We recommend you go live with Chargebee with a phased roll-out plan. Start accepting your new customers into Chargebee, while your existing subscribers continue to run on your current billing system.

Start the Migration Process

Our migration experts will work with you. Follow our step-by-step onboarding process to provide your customer, subscription and payment method data. This will be cleansed and reviewed by our specialist team along with you.

Simulate and Test your Subscription Lifecycle

Chargebee gives you a free Sandbox account where you can setup, configure, and test the entire flow including emails and invoices, without impacting the real data. With the Time Machine capability you can even simulate and play out every subscription scenario you're likely to hit and see how Chargebee handles it for you.