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Secure and Effortless In-App Subscription Management

Centralize your web and in-app purchases with Chargebee’s iOS & Google SDKs, AppStore & PlayStore integrations for a single source of subscription truth.

Streamline In-App Purchases

Subscription Management for Mobile Apps

Integrate with your AppStore and PlayStore fronts in a single click and manage in-app purchases with advanced revenue analytics

Adapt to changing policies

of Apple and Google stores with Chargebee’s expertise.

Reduce maintenance costs

that stem from R&D and upkeep of store-specific middleware.

Get in-app revenue analytics

and visibility into all your subscriptions across web and mobile apps.

Provision, showcase and upsell features

to users on Chargebee, instead of deploying code.

Implement in-app subscriptions in minutes

Chargebee provides a backend and wrapper around Apple's StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy.

Mobile SDKs and API

Enable app purchases with minimal code

Chargebee's mobile SDKs help you effortlessly enable in-app purchases for physical or digital goods. While maximizing your revenue potential, you also stay compliant with Apple and Google in-app guidelines. Whether you're selling through in-app purchases, or 3rd party gateways, we've got you covered. Beyond SDKs, Chargebee also has direct integrations with AppStore and PlayStore with an easy setup process. This helps centralize all subscriptions under one roof.

Centralized Subscriptions

Automate subscription lifecycle management of mobile and web users

All your in-app purchases across Apple and Google can be synced into Chargebee giving you a consolidated view of subscriptions across all channels including the web. You can segment iOS and Android customers and send email notifications to them from within Chargebee using the pre-filled email templates.

User & Revenue Analytics

Get a real picture of your entire subscription revenue

Track metrics like ARPU, churn, MRR, etc. across the web and mobile channels or customer cohorts using Chargebee’s analytics platform. Segment data with filters like subscription status, channel, currency, renewal status, etc. at a user level.

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