Chargebee Summer ‘19: The Biggest Single Update to Optimize your Revenue Operations. Yet!

~ 3 min read | October 10

Today, we’re live with the biggest update to Chargebee, in our entire history. Over two dozen features, big and small. But we’d be doing both you and the release a grave injustice if we made this just about the features.

No. Today’s update to Chargebee is about bringing a paradigm shift in how you see, imagine and optimize your entire revenue operations cycle.

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Summer 2019: Because you shouldn’t lose another dollar to inefficiencies

Over the last quarter, we’ve been kind of obsessed with solving one key problem – enabling you to drive efficiencies throughout your revenue operations.

Now, that’s a big goal. Your revenue operations, after all, is a unique function of your business model, the type of customers you acquire, the products you sell, your stage of growth, and perhaps even the type of teams you champion.

And yet, we’ve been toying with the idea of helping you streamline every part of it – right from making your acquisition smoother to turning your recovery smarter. From enabling you to close more deals, to bringing predictability into your analytics. From quote to cash, and from lead to ledger.

This summer, we’re taking the biggest leap towards that dream. We’re unleashing a full toolkit of inefficiency-chewing, revenue-growing, operations-ironing capabilities.

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So you can start with the problems you face today, and hand-pick the tools that you need to fix them. And rest easy knowing that there exists a combination to fix anything that might crop up tomorrow. Or years from now.

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Why have a huge summer release? What happened to good old continuous deployment?

One of the biggest advantages of being a SaaS product is getting to continuously push updates and improvements week on week.

Why, then, would we choose to announce a Big Bang release, instead of just launching updates as they come?

Excellent question. But before I get there, let’s start, instead, with how you might approach your revenue leakage and recovery today.

First, you need to look into your transactions to identify where your revenue is leaking.

Then, you need a way to actually collect those failed payments – perhaps, set up a dunning schedule.

But wait. Aggressive retries could put you at-risk with your payment provider. So you need to figure out a way to minimize those failed payments.

As icing on the cake, if a customer has reached out explaining that they’d be clearing their dues in a couple of weeks, it wouldn’t be too bad if your software suggested you to “pause dunning attempts” for this customer.

That’s not just a single feature you can enable and forget. It’s a process change. And the only way you’d be able to solve your leakage issues holistically is to have all these capabilities laid out together.

That’s just one process change.

Being a core driver underlying the entire subscription billing infrastructure, it’s our job to drive that level of visibility across the entire revenue cycle.

That’s exactly what this release should accomplish. 

This summer, go beyond just fixing “problems” – to thinking “process” across your revenue operations.

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