A virtuous cycle begins with the rise of more and more people working remotely, rise of startups and the rise of the number of coworking spaces. According to a research by Deskmag, shows that there has been an 83% increase in the number of coworking spaces across the world, about 4.5 new coworking spaces have come to life every day for a period of 12 months in the year 2012-2013.

Here is what changed since they started coworking:

positive impact

Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/211106301253469668

Coworking spaces is that vibrant productive environment people love working with.

An ideal Coworking space has:

  • An optimal use of shared resources

  • Build a vibrant peer-network for entrepreneurs

  • Flexibility to opt for long term vs short term commitments

  • Engage community for social and entrepreneurs

  • Tour/trial/day-pass to let startups try Coworking

  • And a billing experience that gets out of the way

Operationally you need the right tools, to provide this experience.

This is where ChargeBee comes in:

cb and coworking

A bit about ChargeBee:

ChargeBee is that online billing solution, once configured runs on auto-mode and lets you concentrate on growing your business. It makes online billing one less thing to take care of.

Here are some features:


Configure any number of plans according to what you want to charge your customers, the way you want to charge your customers, everything from a setup fee, to a trial may be set. Plans based on quantity such as if you want to charge your customers based on the number of desks they are using or based usage or metered billing such as when conference room or other resources are charged based on the number of hours or amount used.

Add ons and coupons:

Addons can be used when you want to have separate charge for the different services you are offering. Addons may be linked to plans if they are a part of the plan to be added automatically, or they may be added manually as well.

Different types of coupons can be configured. Whether it is an early bird offer or you want to run a huge marketing campaign, it can all be done through ChargeBee coupons.


Subscriptions are made up of customer information, credit card details, invoices, plans, add-ons, and coupons all in one place. All of these details are taken care of together to make your billing run with ease and efficiency.

Subscription are marked with different statuses that may be segregated and identified with ease.


ChargeBee automates the entire process flow of invoicing, starting from a new subscription sign up, when the invoice is created, to all payments made between the merchant and buyer. Email notifications are sent out as well, informing buyers of the transaction status.

The main invoice console shows you a list of all the invoices with details including the amount, date, payment status, and invoice type.

Payment gateways:

A gateway is the payment processor that charges your customers’ credit cards. A payment gateway is required for processing credit card payments and you need to integrate a supported payment gateway with ChargeBee for this. We also have the ability to allow you to integrate with multiple payment gateways of your choice.

You can allow your customers to pay through the method of their choice including the option of offline payments.


Varied reporting system for your every business need. Whether it is administrative or financial accuracies or your business intelligence or your SaaS metrics. Yes! We do have it all.


You can assign users different roles that define various job functions and allow them to perform particular tasks based on the functionality that is available to them within the system. These users can be developers, sales people or administrators.

Users of each role have access to various system features that are granted to them. Other features are denied access.

Email notifications:

Either use ChargeBee’s SMTP or bring your own. Configure ChargeBee’s email notifications, to be triggered by actions, to send out personalized transactional mails so that you don’t have to.

The hosted payment page themes:

With ChargeBee’s themes, you can configure your hosted payment pages to look exactly link your gorgeous website. Everything including the text, colour, font and add custom fields to the payment pages to collect all the information you need from your customer.

 Customer portal:

With ChargeBee’s all new customer portal, you now have the freedom to allow your customers to manage their own account, billing, shipping and payment details so that you don’t have to. The customer portal can be customized to make it look exactly like your gorgeous website.


An API that the developers would love to work with. API as well as hybrid integration of hosted pages and API integrations are available with ChargeBee. Learn more here.

Third party Integrations:

There are different third party integrations for all your different requirements:

  • Mailchimp: Send out gorgeous, periodic newsletters to your customers to keep them updated about your business.
  • Salesforce: Available integration with one of the most powerful CRMs.
  • Zapier: Connect to more than 250+ web applications with Zapier.

Still not convinced? Just signup for a free trial and explore ChargeBee for yourself. Or just write to us, we are always happy to talk to you.