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When we look at the payment gateway integration in New Zealand it looks like there are a lot of options.  When you look closely you realize none of them stand out for being startup friendly. 

New Zealand Payment gateways

When compared to options in Australia, whose market scene has changed drastically in the last six months, there are fewer options for New Zealand.

With Pin Payments coming into New Zealand, we’re hoping to see an improvement in the current state to a certain extent.

If you are looking to move to a subscription model, there are a few basic features you should definitely look for.

  • A well-documented API
  • Ability to do recurring payments
  • Ability to integrate with shopping carts (if you’re selling physical goods)
  • Fraud checks
  • A friendly customer support team to help you navigate charge backs & other teething issues while you figure the world of recurring payments.

Here are the list of options available:


eWay is a great option to go with if you are a startup.

There is no set up fee but there is a monthly minimum fee depending on your plan choice.

  • eWay provides 60+ New Zealand shopping carts and more than 500 development partners to choose from.
  • Clean API and a continuously improving one – they recently released version 3.1 of their API.
  • Different pricing based on plans for businesses to choose from depending on size.

This seems to be a clear winner in the New Zealand market, based on our conversations and customer inquiries so far, at least in the perspective of startups.

Website: eWay

Payment Express

Payment express is the payment gateway of Australia and New Zealand. They have over 15000 merchants and transactions around $20b happening  annually. Here is a list of banks cross references with the currencies that they support.

They have a lot of different pricing plans based on the number of transactions.

Website: Payment Express:


For the small and medium businesses in New Zealand Worldpay offers their Business Gateway Plus service.

When it comes to WorldPay, they stand out for their worldwide presence, their expertise in fraud management (it is quite stringent in APAC from what we have seen).

They do have options for recurring billing as well as lot of options to integrate with shopping carts.

Website: WorldPay


And of course there is also PayPal Standard available as an option to get started. Just be aware that the recurring functionality of PayPal Standard is quite limited and does not provide a great checkout experience. It works great for one-time payments.

Nevertheless it is a popular alternate payment option, especially if you are targeting European market where cards are less popular.

Standards out for

  • No monthly fee
  • Baked-in multi-currency support.
  • Fraud checks

Here is their pricing specific to New Zealand. You do get a bunch of value added services at a slightly higher fee.

Website: PayPal

Here are a few more payment options you should consider:

MiGSPaystationSecurepaytechDPS Payment ExpressSwipe, and ZippityPay.

Do you have experience working with a payment gateway in New Zealand? Please do share your experiences.

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