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Users & Roles 

The "Users" section in the "Site Settings" page inside the web interface allows you to add/delete and modify users of your Chargebee account.

You can assign users different roles that define various job functions and allow them to perform particular tasks based on the functionality that is available to them within the system. These users can be developers, sales people or administrators.


Users invited from the test site will not be able to access the live site. You need to explicitly invite users from the live site as well if you need to give them access to it.

Users of each role have access to various system features that are granted to them. Other features are denied access.

The available user roles are:

  1. Tech Support
  2. Sales Agent
  3. Customer Support
  4. Sales Manager
  5. Finance Executive
  6. Admin
  7. Owner (cannot be assigned)

Creating a new user 

Creating or adding new users is absolutely free and there is no limit to the number of users you can have.

Click on "Invite User" and fill out the email address and the role of the user.

The user will receive an email notification along with a link to activate their account. Their account will remain in the "Invited Users" list until they activate their account.

Once you have created users, you can at any time edit their profile to change their role. You can assign a user more than one role. i.e a user can be both an admin as well as a customer support user and they will have access to the functionalities available for both user roles.

Changing account ownership 

The account ownership can be changed from both the TEST as well as LIVE sites. If the LIVE site has not been enabled, the change of ownership is possible only from the TEST site.

The account ownership can be changed by selecting the "Change Ownership" option under "Active user(s)" in Settings > Site Settings > Users.


If there are no users present in the "Active users" list, please invite the user for one of the roles (Admin, Finance Executive, Sales Manager, Customer Support, Sales Agent, Tech Support). Once the invitation has been accepted and the account has been successfully set up, the change of ownership can be carried out as mentioned above.

When the ownership has been successfully changed, an email notification will be sent to both the old as well as the new owners regarding the action.

Two factor Authentication 

If there are multiple people using your site, security might be a concern. Chargebee's two factor authentication feature is built to give you peace of mind in this regard. Once you enable two factor authentication, you can have every user with access to the site sign up for it - they will be prompted for a unique six digit code (valid once) every time they sign into the application.

You can monitor who is using two factor authentication and who is not from Settings > Users.

For a detailed review of the 2FA feature and the sign-up steps involved, check out our 2FA page.

Points to note

  • "Change Ownership" option will only be available for the owner.
  • The change of ownership will be reflected in both the TEST as well as LIVE sites (even if the LIVE site has not been enabled).
  • After the ownership has been changed, the previous owner's role will then be restricted to that of an admin in the TEST and LIVE sites. If the LIVE site has not been enabled, the previous owner would become the admin for the TEST site, but not for the LIVE site.
  • Chargebee support (  ) is added to the TEST site by default and it cannot be made the site owner even if it is present in the "Active users" list.