Returning user management 

Chargebee's checkout support creates additional subscriptions for existing customers. This enables quick checkout by reusing details like billing, shipping address, and also payment methods.

This feature can be integrated using the below options:

  • API
  • Drop-in script

Integrate using API 

The customer ID  passed while creating hosted page object will be used to determine if the user is a returning user. After the checkout, a new subscription will be created for the customer.

Integrate using Drop-In Script 

As an existing subscriber, your customers can purchase additional products or services. Customer email will be used to determine if the user is a returning user. Please note, that you need to enable Checkout using Chargebee login for this to work. As the authentication happens with the customer's email address, the email address in the account information has to be set as a mandatory field in the field configuration. The authentication happens on proceeding from the cart page to the rest of the checkout. Hence do not skip the cart screen in your checkout.

Your customers don't need to remember the password, they can log in via a one-time password (OTP) sent to their email or SMS.

OTP sent via email

  • Email address will be used to identify the user (whether they are an existing or new user).
  • If email is found in Chargebee, OTP will be sent to the given email ID.
  • Users can enter the OTP to authorize and proceed.
  • Subsequent purchases will be added to the existing user's account.

OTP via SMS (Twilio Integration)
OTP will be sent via SMS to the phone number entered. (Note: Twilio integration should be enabled). Learn more about setting up Chargebee-Twilio Integration.

Guest Checkout
Customers can skip the sign-in process during checkout. When the customers enter an email address to begin checkout, Chargebee will check whether the email address is present in Chargebee. If the email address is present in Chargebee, your customer can skip the account sign-in process. Chargebee will create two customer instances with different customer IDs.

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