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Setting up Token-based Authentication in NetSuite 

This document lists the steps required to authenticate Chargebee to communicate with NetSuite. The following details should be noted as part of the process


Kindly copy and paste the details in a document as the details cannot be retrieved once NetSuite screens is closed.

Create an Integration record 

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integration > New

Step 2: Enter the basic Integration details.


Token Based Authentication should be checked.

Step 3: Click Save.

Once created, NetSuite will display the Keys.
Please save the info for future reference

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret

You cannot retrieve the info once you navigate away from the page (so you will have to create it again). So ensure you have copied the keys before proceeding.

Create a new Role and assign Privileges 

Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > Create New

Map Subsidiaries

Set accessible subsidiaries to ALL.

Map Permissions

In the Permissions tab, add the following permissions -


Level should be = ‘Full' for all privileges.




Once the privileges are created, please save and proceed.

Assign the Role to a User 

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Manage Users
Step 2: Select a user or create a new User
Step 3: Assign the new Role created to this User
Step 4: Update the permissions in the Global Permissions tab as mentioned below:

Create an Access token 

Navigate to Setup > Users/ Roles > Access Tokens > Create New Token

Select the new details you created

  • Application Name
  • User/ Employee
  • Role

Once saved, NetSuite will display the following info -

Copy the info:

  • Token ID
  • Token Secret

Copy Account ID 

Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information
Copy the Account ID.

Update Taxes 

If you have taxes enabled in Chargebee for US, then please update tax settings as mentioned in the screen below -

The process is now complete.

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