Subscription Management For Magazines & Publications

Switch to the Reader Revenue Path Before
Ad-revenues Run Out
85% of publishers believe that reader revenue will be their main revenue stream going forward. Chargebee helps you implement & scale your reader revenue model while you focus on what you do best— converting fly-by users into patrons with exceptional content.

Manage Reader
Memberships Effortlessly

Collect subscription payments on mobile and web apps with a zero-code checkout

Offer gift subscriptions and run discount campaigns to your readers and lay the foundation for strong customer loyalty and branding.

Implement dynamic paywalls for your content and convert fly-by readers into members.

Grow your readership across borders with a localized payment & checkout experience.

Trusted by High-Growth D2C Brands

Convert Your Readers with
Compelling User Experiences

Allow your readers to register for a newsletter, make a one-time donation, or even sign up for an annual subscription without ever leaving your page. With Chargebee's drop-in checkout and flexible self-service portal, give your readers all the power over their subscription so your team can save time on providing support. Track abandoners and nudge them into becoming paying subscribers.

Paul Kapsner, Director of Finance

Chargebee allows us to make mistakes and fix it right away. We launch products with an initial price, roll out a pricing experiment in 30 minutes, and keep iterating until we find the right price point that suits our customer segments.
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Gift memberships and subscriptions with Chargebee

Manage Readers and their
Subscriptions on Auto-pilot

Gift memberships and subscriptions with Chargebee

Set up automated renewal reminders and ensure your readers have undisrupted access to premium content day in and day out. When a card's about to expire, Chargebee emails a secure link to your subscriber that allows them to update their payment info, and ensure smooth renewals. A happy customer is also the strongest brand advocate. Take reader-delight a notch higher and make it easy for your readers to gift a subscription to your publication.

Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

Experiment on Your
Plan & Pricing Without Any Disruption

Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

You are just one brilliant plan catalog away from converting your fly-bys into patrons. Bundle your digital & print offering with addons grouped to it and craft enticing pricing plans. Offer a cardless free trial of your premium memberships and convert trial users seamlessly. Set up custom workflows for your B2B customers, and manage multiple subscriptions under one account. You can also collect in-app subscription payments from your mobile app. The list of revenue-tapping possibilities with Chargebee is endless.

Payment methods that every B2C Subscription business should support

Keep Up With Your Readers'
Latest Payment Preferences

Payment methods that every B2C Subscription business should support

Payment choices of readers are ever-evolving. From e-wallets to credit cards, payment habits are rarely the same. Throw in banks & currencies to this mix and you need to support many combinations to keep your readers satisfied. Chargebee integrates with 25+ payment gateways to let you accept payments in 100+ currencies via direct debit, digital wallets, credit cards, and offline payments, from anywhere in the world. Chargebee's smart revenue recovery also helps collect payments on-time and recover any overdue payments with smart dunning.

Nick Allen, Product Manager, Trail

Flexibility around subscription types is probably the biggest win — being able to view all our subscriptions in one place and learning the absolutely everything in the subscriptions trail. Chargebee cut down time spent managing subscriptions by about 80% compared to our previous process. Read more