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Abandoned Carts 


When the customer leaves a hosted page/ checkout page unattended for some time or when they close the webpage, it is counted as an Abandoned Cart.
Abandoned cart tracking allows you to measure how many visitors/customers leave the portal without completing a purchase, leaving items in the cart.


For pricing related information, check out the Plans and Pricing   page.

Email Notification 

Chargebee will send email notifications to remind your customer about the items they had left behind in the cart without completing the purchase. These email notifications can be configured in your Chargebee Site. Check out email notifications to know more.


Available only in selected plans. To know more, visit Chargebee's Plans and Pricing page.

Abandoned Carts Report 

Chargebee generates a report to track the abandoned carts. To view the report, navigate to Reports > Revenue Recovery > Abandoned Carts. The report refreshes every 1 hour.

  • You can select a specific day or a date range to generate the report.
  • The report contains customer and product details and the total value of the abandoned cart.

Track Abandoned Carts via API 

A new attribute called ‘CheckoutInfo' helps Chargebee achieve this. It is added in the Hosted Pages resource.

The CheckoutInfo attribute has information about the customer (email, first name and last name) which can be used for retargeting and finding the reason for failure.

The keys that can be found in the CheckoutInfo are:

  • client_ip
  • order_value
  • currency
  • locale
  • coupon_actions : []
  • checkout_submit : []
  • vat_validation : []
  • order_items : []
  • subscription : {}
  • customer : {}
  • billing_address : {}
  • shipping_address : {}

Refer the API Documentation  for more.

To track abandoned carts, you can make use of Hosted Pages API attributes. To know more, refer Chargebee's solution article on how to track abandoned carts .

Recovered Carts Report 

When a customer, who had abandoned a cart previously, checks it out later, then the cart is called a ‘Recovered Cart'. Chargebee generates a report of the carts recovered.

The report includes details about the customer, product, value recovered and the recovery source during checkout.


Recovery Source shows what initiated the checkout. If the report says:

  • Organic: It means your customer logged in to the portal and checked out the item in the cart on their own
  • Email: It means your customer checked out through the reminder email they recieved about the item left in the cart

For a cart to be counted in as a recovered cart, the email ID used by the customer during cart abandonment and while checking out should be the same.

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