Recover Abandoned Carts 

Discover how to recover lost sales and increase your conversion rates effortlessly!

Sometimes, customers abandon their checkout process for various reasons, such as payment method issues, product choices, or pricing concerns. However, a simple reminder email can often rekindle their interest and make them complete their purchase.

Taking a proactive approach by identifying abandoned shopping carts and sending timely email reminders can significantly benefit your business and expand your customer base. Chargebee offers a suite of powerful tools designed to help you detect abandoned carts, automate reminder emails, and turn potential customers into loyal, paying clients.

With this feature, when a customer leaves a checkout page unattended for thirty minutes or closes the webpage without returning within thirty minutes, it's categorized as an Abandoned Cart.


It is essential to make the email address a mandatory field to have a way to contact cart owners. Please note that abandoned carts are only tracked when customers provide their email addresses. Learn more about working with fields for Checkout.

Enable and Track Abandoned Carts 

  1. Login to Chargebee.
  2. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal > Configuration > Advanced Settings and turn on the Track abandoned carts toggle.
  3. Click Publish.

It is advisable to inform customers when this feature is used and update the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy to protect customer privacy.

Why don't I see customers in the abandoned cart reports?

Ensure that you have the track cart abandonment setting enabled.
Ensure email addresses are captured from customers. It's always good to make email a mandatory field to ensure that we're able to track and retarget potential customers.

Accessing Abandoned Cart Reports in Chargebee 

Chargebee generates a report to track abandoned carts. You can view this at Classic Reports > Revenue Recovery > Abandoned Carts.

  • Regular automatic report updates: Refreshes every 2 hours for the live site and 12 hours for the sandbox site.
  • Comprehensive report table: Includes data on total cart value, customer details, line items, applied coupons, and payment methods when relevant.

Retrieve Cart Information Using API 

You can obtain the state of a cart by retrieving the hosted page for the cart using the retrieve a hosted page API.

Once the customer has visited the cart, the checkout_info will contain the following information as applicable.

Field name
client_ip string The IP address of the client.
order_value integer The value of the order.
currency string The currency in which the order is placed.
locale string The locale setting for the order.
coupon_actions array An array of coupon action objects.
timestamp integer The timestamp of the coupon action.
status string The status of the coupon action. Possible values: "succeeded," "failed," "removed."
code string The code of the coupon used in the action.
failure_msg string A message describing any failure related to the coupon action.
api_error_code string The API error code associated with the coupon action.
error_code string An error code associated with the coupon action.
checkout_submit array An array of checkout submit objects.
status string The status of the checkout submission. Possible values: "succeeded," "failed."
timestamp integer The timestamp of the checkout submission.

object An object containing gateway information.
id string The ID of the gateway.
name string The name of the gateway.
payment_method string The payment method used for the checkout submission.
errors object An object containing error information related to the checkout submission.
error_msg string A message describing any error related to the checkout submission.
api_error_code string The API error code associated with the checkout submission.
http_status_code string The HTTP status code associated with the error.
vat_validation array Status of vat-validation requests.
order_items array An array of order item objects.
entity_type string The type of the entity (plan, addon, charge, adhoc).
entity_id string The ID of the entity.
quantity integer The quantity of the entity.
unit_amount integer The unit amount of the entity.
subscription object An object containing subscription information.
customer object An object containing customer information.
billing_address object An object containing billing address information.
shipping_address object An object containing shipping address information.
shipping_ship_to_billing boolean A boolean indicating whether shipping is to the billing address.
coupons array An array of coupon codes.

Example Checkout


API Response

    "hosted_page": {
        "id": "tIo4cdJ0di93mVVltYzcZFoIWYRyoGO7D",
        "type": "checkout_new",
        "url": "",
        "state": "requested",
        "embed": false,
        "created_at": 1694682418,
        "expires_at": 1694693218,
        "object": "hosted_page",
        "updated_at": 1694682444,
        "resource_version": 1694682444868,
        "checkout_info": {
            "client_ip": "",
            "order_value": 100000,
            "currency": "USD",
            "locale": "en_GB",
            "order_items": [
                    "entity_type": "plan",
                    "entity_id": "cbdemo_advanced-USD-monthly",
                    "quantity": 1
                    "entity_type": "addon",
                    "entity_id": "cbdemo_additional-users-USD-monthly",
                    "quantity": 2,
                    "unit_amount": 50000
            "customer": {
                "first_name": "Minerva",
                "last_name": "McGonagall",
                "email": ""
            "subscription": {
                "cf_butterbeer_type": "Frozen Butterbeer"

Is tracking carts applicable for all types of checkout?

Understanding Recovered Carts and Sending Customer Reminders 

When a customer who had previously abandoned a cart returns to complete their purchase, it is referred to as a Recovered Cart.

  • Identifies when a customer returns to complete an abandoned cart purchase.
  • Provides detailed reports generated by Chargebee.
  • Reports include customer information, product details, recovered value, and checkout recovery source.

Setting up Reminder Emails for Cart Recovery 

Configure reminder emails to customers reminding them about their abandoned carts so that they complete their checkout process.

  • Configurable reminder email timing: Choose when to send reminders, from as soon as 30 minutes after cart abandonment to as late as 30 days.
  • Multiple reminder emails: Set up and send multiple reminders to increase the chances of recovering abandoned carts.
  • Detailed cart information: The email includes a breakdown of items left in the cart, making it easy for customers to recall their selections.
  • Seamless checkout resumption: A prominent button in the email allows customers to effortlessly return to their abandoned checkout session.
  • Retargeted checkout experience: Customers are taken to a checkout page identical to the one they initially left, with all previously entered information pre-filled.
  • Reduced friction: By retaining customer data, our system minimizes the effort required to complete the checkout process.

Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Abandoned Cart Reminders to configure the email notifications and their content.


Sample Email:


Accessing Recovered Carts Reports in Chargebee 

Chargebee automatically generates a report that provides information about recovered carts. This report contains details such as the customer's information, the product(s) involved, the recovered value, and the source of recovery during checkout.

You can view this report at Reports > Revenue Recovery > Recovered Carts.


Recovery Source shows how the customer was led to the cart recovery.

The sources are as follows:

  • Organic: The customer logged in to your website and checked out the cart on their own.
  • Email: The customer checked out through the Chargebee reminder email they received about the abandoned cart.

With Chargebee's Abandoned Cart Recovery feature, you can reclaim lost sales, boost conversions, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Start using it today to see your revenue grow!

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