Tailor Prices for a global audience

With the nature of your business being global, operating sans currency hassles across regions should be easy. With a multi-currency support, recurring payments through Chargebee are more global than you can think of. Chargebee supports 100+ currencies so you can accept payments from your customers in their preferred currency.

Supported Currencies

Convert better with multi-currency pricing and payments.

With your customers hailing from different parts of the planet, letting them pay in just one currency, doesn't quite cut it. So receive payments in local currencies and make their decision easier.

Don't be bogged by exchange rates

Exchange rates fluctuate continuously. Set the currency exchange rates yourself, or let Chargebee fetch real-time rates automatically. It's really that simple.

Scale Faster

Stepping into a new country? Be armed with the best competitive advantage while scaling your business. With a hassle-free global currency support Chargebee takes care of your scale, so your growth compass can point north always.

Save money with intelligent routing

Chargebee's flexible API lets you set up multiple gateways and intelligently route money depending on the currency type.

Want to know the payment gateways supported by Chargebee? Check 'em out here.