Enable Multiple Online and Offline
Payment Methods for Your Customers

Increase your global footprint. Boost conversions of new customers and retain existing customers. Reach a broader audience with their choice of payment options- credit cards, digital wallets, direct debit, and offline payments.

Chargebee Online Card Payments
Online Card Payments
Chargebee Bank based Payments
Bank based Payments
Chargebee Direct Debit
Direct Debit
Chargebee Offline Payments
Offline Payments
Chargebee Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets

Online Card Payments

With instant authorization and quick settlement times, payments via cards are an easy way to grow your customer base.

Globally accepted, most B2B plus B2C small and medium businesses profit from processing online card payments.

Choose from 25+ payment gateways in over 50 countries. Use multiple payment gateways or switch gateways easily. Process recurring card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club with Chargebee

Chargebee Online Card Payments
(Credit card, Debit card, Prepaid card)
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Chargebee Stripe Billing Payments
Thousands of businesses use Chargebee to
do more with Stripe
25+ other payment gateways in 53+ countries

Bank-based Payments

Give customers the ease of making payments directly from their bank accounts

Local payment methods that work directly with a customer’s bank account are the most popular payment methods in Europe. Chargebee lets you expand deeper into the European market by offering support for payment methods highly popular in each country. The best part is that you can convert one-time direct bank payments into recurring payments through SEPA.

1. iDEAL for the Netherlands

Win customers in the Netherlands by accepting online banking payments through the iDEAL network of the Dutch bank.

2. Bancontact for Belgium

Open up to customers in Belgium by accepting Bancontact cards.

3. Giropay for Germany

Grow your customer base in Germany by allowing them to pay using Giropay, the most popular bank-based payment method in Germany.

4. Dotpay for Poland

Power your growth in the Poland market by accepting one-time payments using Dotpay. Collect ad-hoc or unpaid payments instantly via DotPay using Chargebee's 'Pay Now' capability.

5. Sofort for Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland

Get access to customers across Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Switzerland by adding support for Sofort (Pay Now with Klarna) online banking payments.

Chargebee bank based Payments

Direct Debit

With Direct Debit, you won’t have to worry about late payments—the money reaches your account on the agreed date.

A powerful pull based method with lower processing fees, reduced fraud risk and no cap on transaction value, Direct Debit is becoming one of the most sought after payment methods.

Accept recurring Direct Debit payments from the US, Europe and Australia with Chargebee.

Chargebee Direct Debit
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Offline Payments

Manage and track offline payments so that all your subscription information stays in one place.

B2B companies and brick-and-mortar stores handle large transactions for high ARPU customers through payments made through cash, checks, bank transfers and postal orders.

With Chargebee, set payment terms, address failed payments, send email reminders and more for offline payments just as you would for other payment avenues.

  • Invoice payments (Cash, Cheque, Traditional Bank Transfers etc.)
  • Stripe ACH Credit Transfer (with automated reconciliation)
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Digital Wallets

Instant payments, convenience, quick processing—digital wallets are one of the fastest ways to cater to a global audience.

Make payments from anywhere at any time. With mobile commerce trending, more enterprise B2C businesses offer digital wallets as an additional payment method.

Small and mid-sized consumer-focused businesses are also increasingly adopting digital wallets to benefit from receiving funds instantly. With Chargebee, give your customers a host of popular digital wallets to pay with.

Chargebee Digital Wallet
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