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Why Chargebee for recurring credit card transactions?

Scale with ease. Anytime. Anywhere.
For your subscription business to scale, you will need to build lasting relationships. That starts with accommodating your customers’ preferences.

Cards supported by Chargebee

Convert better on checkout pages by supporting all the card types that your potential customer might want to pay you by. Chargebee supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.

Multiple Payment Gateways

With support for over 30 payment gateways across the globe and its ability to configure multiple payment gateways, Chargebee provides customers the option to choose the one that suits them best.

Card Verification

Do not let fraud-related chargebacks slump your margins. Validate credit card details by performing a unit charge so that the future transactions can continue without a hiccup.

Card Address Verification

With Chargebee, you can also prevent fraudulent transactions by enabling the Address Verification System. The address entered by the customer will be automatically verified with the one stored in the credit card company.

Security and Compliance

Foster customer’s trust while entering their credit card details by having a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant checkout. Chargebee also has a robust fraud detection system which flags customers who have made transactions from a suspicious IP address.

An average subscription business loses around 5-12 percent of annual revenue to churn. Did you know that 40 percent of this happens due to insufficient balance or card expiration? Chargebee helps you minimize involuntary churn, the smartest way.

Make sure you recover every dollar that might slip away
Reduce involuntary payment failures from credit cards with a plethora of revenue recovery tactics with Chargebee.

Smart Dunning Rules

With Chargebee’s dunning management, you can maximize revenue recovery rates. Configure smart contextual reminder emails with intelligent retry logic so that, you can attempt to recover revenue with the right message at the right time.

Card auto-updater via Stripe/Braintree

Chargebee leverages the best of payment gateways viz. Stripe and Braintree, so you don’t have to do the hard work. Cards that are updated in Stripe/Braintree will be automatically updated by Chargebee through webhooks.

Enhanced Email Notifications

Notify your customers about all payment related events such as card expiry and payment failures. Chargebee also allows you to speak your brand in all customer communication with email customizations and segmentations. As you scale across the globe, Chargebee even lets you communicate with customers in their language, be it Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, or Italian. And of course, it works like a charm in English...

How Chargebee handles your recurring credit card payments

  • Customer subscribes to a product on your website.
  • The transaction is initiated via Chargebee’s secure checkout.
  • Personal information and credit card details are collected through Chargebee’s PCI-Compliant checkout page.
  • The credit card details are securely transferred to your Payment Gateway, and a corresponding token is stored in Chargebee.
  • When the payment needs to be initiated, Chargebee sends the token to the Payment Gateway.
  • The credit card is automatically charged and an invoice is generated.
  • The entire process is automated by Chargebee based on the customers’ billing frequency.
  • The token is called every time the customer has to be charged and an auto-generated invoice is sent to the customer.
  • Chargebee handles the entire flow efficiently while you can sit back and watch your customers get the best subscription experience possible.

An easier way to manage subscriptions and recurring payments

Supporting over 480+ billing use cases, keep your growth on track and scale your subscription business faster with Chargebee. Handle recurring payments seamlessly with the platter of payment methods and gateways supported by Chargebee. Get started in one go.