Eliminate compliance risk and audit-proof your business

Say goodbye to manual revenue recognition processes and compliance headaches. Chargebee RevRec automates high-volume and complex revenue transactions while ensuring compliance with ASC 606 / IFRS 15.

Accelerate month-end closes and be audit-ready

Be ASC606/IFRS15 compliant

Automate revenue recognition compliant with the 5-Step Framework that integrates with your general ledger.

Reduce the risk of financial misstatements

Replace error-prone manual processes that aren’t scalable with reliable and accurate results accounting.

Centralize your revenue data

Integrate with multiple source systems such as Billing, CRM, and payment gateway platforms to ensure accurate revenue reporting.

Grow your business confidently

Navigate through growing complexities and handle all contract changes such as upgrades, downgrades, prorations, refunds, and disputes effortlessly.

Accurate revenue recognition

Leave spreadsheets behind to simplify revenue recognition

Error-prone manual processes may result in revenue misstatements which can lead to reputational risk. With Chargebee RevRec, automate your end-to-end revenue recognition tasks in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and handle any revenue complexity that your growing business throws at you. 

Revenue Recognition Compliance

Simplify ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance with automation

Navigating the increasing complexities of subscription revenue models while adhering to relevant accounting standards can be a challenge for finance teams. With the flexible Stand-alone Selling Price (SSP) library, define and customize rules to handle all revenue scenarios. Chargebee RevRec also has a dedicated expense recognition module for handling direct expenses like commissions. Have confidence in knowing that your revenue is accurate and audit-ready. 

Revenue sub-ledger

Improve efficiency and save time on month-end close

 Month-end close is a meticulous and manual-intensive process for your finance team. Not anymore! Chargebee RevRec is a controlled revenue sub-ledger that computes GAAP revenue and generates monthly revenue journal entries for your general ledger. Make it easy for your teams to review your books and prepare for external audits.

Revenue reporting and analytics

Enhance your financial well-being with improved visibility

Equip your finance team with the data and tools they need to assess revenue performance and facilitate business growth. Chargebee RevRec offers reports that improve revenue visibility and analysis to help management assess current trends and make more effective strategic decisions. 

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