Support for Global Tax and
Sales Tax Reports

Synchronize sales tax data efficiently from Chargebee to Xero, for multiple currencies.
Stay well-informed with real-time tax reports.

Not up for calculating the sales tax and then adding that to Xero with a manual journal entry? We've got you covered.

All you have to do is set up the appropriate tax rates in Xero, map them to the right categories, and you're all set!

Now whenever a sale happens, Chargebee will use those tax rates. While invoices get created in Xero. Both, automatically.

Draw up tax liability reports and file sales tax returns, EU-VAT returns, and GST reports with specific tax authorities (EU/UK/NZ/AUS/India) from right within Xero.

Map default tax rates for New Zealand, Australia, UK, India, South Africa, and Singapore, from Xero to your specific product categories.

Dealing with multiple currencies? Create tax profiles for all of them in Chargebee and sync them with Xero in no time

Do a lot more with Chargebee + Xero

Automatic Reconciliation for online businesses

Gain access to Payment Gateway transactional data, right into your favorite accounting software. What's more, automate Gateway Reconciliation with just a click.

Stripe Reconciliation with Xero →

Effortless Mapping to Xero's Chart of Accounts

Auto-sync payments, multi-currency invoices, credit notes, customers, and taxes from Chargebee to Xero.

Xero chart of accounts mapping →

Painless Deferred Revenue Reporting

Recognize your monthly revenue and reconcile your deferred balance in Xero. Over the right period. Automatically.

Xero deferred revenue reporting →
With Chargebee, subscription billing and accounting are effortless, efficient, and everything in between.