Stripe and Xero, better with Chargebee

Simplified Accounting for subscription businesses without the manual work

If Stripe is the most loved payment gateway, Xero is the darling of the accounting world. Thousands of fast growing recurring revenue businesses use these two solutions to streamline their finances, every single day.

Although it's simple to synchronize your Stripe transactions to Xero, it's still only a part of the picture. Finance teams across the world still spend hours poring over transaction data, trying to reconcile their invoices, credit notes, refund transactions, items (inventory), prices, and more. And they rely on sluggish CSV imports and lots of caffeine to survive the manual work.

But that ends now!

We've tied up with Xero & Stripe to solve this for you!

Xero & Stripe Integration made better with Chargebee

Sync Everything

Chargebee syncs everything that you'd need to manage your complete accounting, not just your Stripe fees, transactions and refunds.

Xero chart of accounts mapping →

No manual reconciliation

With all said and done, reconciliation still takes a major chunk of accountants' time. But we have a Chrome Plugin to rule them all! Don't manually map transactions anymore, just do it with a single click.

Stripe Reconciliation with Xero →

Global sales tax support

Easily sync your sales tax data between Chargebee and Xero for multiple currencies. Generate tax reports and file your EU VAT, NZ - AU GST, India - GST, US, and Canadian tax returns all within Xero, seamlessly.

Xero sales tax filing and reports →

Track sales & account receivables for your individual products, in the respective Xero accounts

Sync better to the custom editions (UK, NZ, AU etc.) of Xero, sans frustration.

Choose between the auto-sync that happens every 24 hours between Chargebee and Xero, or use the on-demand sync.

Being able to automatically reconcile Stripe payments, transfers and fees is a huge win and as with everything Chargebee does, it's solid and feels like they've thought of everything.
Will Jennings
Managing Director, Countfire
With Chargebee, subscription billing and accounting are effortless, efficient, and everything in between.