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Bring Your Subscription Monetization Ideas to Life with No Code
Convert your viewers into raving fans by seizing each touchpoint across their subscription lifecycle.

Flexible Subscription Monetization Workflow

Expand into new geographies with multi-language, currencies, and compliance support.

Enable gift subscriptions and run discount campaigns to boost your acquisition.

Accept Mobile Payments with a mobile-ready checkout page that doesn't need developer efforts.

Implement Paywalls by limiting access for trial users or on a plan basis.

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Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

Experiment with Different Monetization Models without Service Disruption

Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

There are multiple ways to implement a subscription model. Combine it with pay-per-view for premium content. Or, offer a free plan that is paid for by advertisers. You can price your subscription offering as a simple flat fee, base it on the number of devices or users, or charge based on usage. SVOD, PVOD, or AVOD, Chargebee gives you the perfect platform to test them out, and actively iterate upon them.

Paul Kapsner, Director of Finance

Chargebee allows us to make mistakes and fix it right away. We launch products with an initial price, roll out a pricing experiment in 30 minutes, and keep iterating until we find the right price point that suits our customer segments.
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Gift memberships and subscriptions with Chargebee

Convert Trial Users with a Stellar Experience

Gift memberships and subscriptions with Chargebee

Orchestrate a smooth trial-to-paid conversion workflow with Chargebee's trial management and checkout capabilities. Offer trial extensions with just a click, and send trial-ending reminders with a payment link. Chargebee's hosted checkout lets you customize the look and feel of your Checkout page and unburdens you from the coding and tokenization part. And for the payment side of things, Chargebee integrates with 30+ payment gateways to let you accept payments via digital wallets, credit cards, and direct debit from anywhere in the world.

Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

Retain Subscribers with a Proactive Subscription Workflow

Checkout and Pricing experiments for publishing businesses

Automate a viewer's entire subscription lifecycle right from checkout to renewals. Pre-empt unintentional churn from card expiries, and automate backup payment method collection to minimize revenue leakage. If any payment falls through the cracks, Chargebee's Smart revenue recovery mechanism sets in motion to recover failed payments. And when a customer wants to cancel their subscription, give them the choice of pausing or freezing their subscription instead.

Payment methods that every B2C Subscription business should support

Scale Market Expansion Barriers Effortlessly

Payment methods that every B2C Subscription business should support

If your viewers are sitting in Bulgaria, it's important to show them the prices in Bulgarian Lev and send them communications in Bulgarian. Chargebee is built to help OTT businesses break geographical barriers to market entry and expand into new markets. Offload the pains of local tax rules and other compliance regulations to us, and focus on making your next big business move. We got you covered!

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