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Sites Overview 

What is a "Chargebee Site"? 

A "site" in Chargebee is a virtual container that allows you to configure information related to your products, services, and also store the subscription data. You will have two types of sites: TEST and LIVE.

What would I use a "test" site for? 

A "test" site is a virtual sandbox where you can setup your pricing configuration required for customer billing. To help you get the ball rolling right away, we have added sample data to the test site. Play around with it, make mistakes. This would give you an understanding of how Chargebee works, and also how every operation you perform on your Chargebee interface might influence your customers' experience.


The TEST site is free forever. Continue exploring until you are sure Chargebee fits the bill and you are ready to start billing your customers.

Configure your business' billing rules and test the functionalities here. You could also use Chargebee's payment gateway in the TEST site. This gateway also provides you with test credit card details that you can use.

When you've successfully tried setup all your configurations and finished all your tests, you could clear the sample data and switch over to the LIVE site by clicking the "GO LIVE!" button.

What is a "live" site? 

To be able to start processing payments, you need to switch to the LIVE site. The LIVE site is where the actual billing happens. You will manage subscriptions and subscription life cycles here. When you have tested your use cases (in the TEST site) and have decided on how best to set up your Chargebee site, you can switch over to your LIVE site.

How do I clear data in the TEST site? 

Only available on the Chargebee TEST site. It is used to clear any test data that you may have entered on your TEST site. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Delete Test Site Data to do this.

You can choose to just clear the subscription data (customers, credit cards, subscriptions, invoices and transactions) or all the data (subscription data + plans, add-ons and coupons). This action is irreversible.

What is the "Copy Configurations" option for? 

This is only available after you go live and will be shown in both your TEST and LIVE sites. This option will copy Plans. Addons and coupons from your TEST site.

Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Copy Configurations (LIVE to TEST) to use this option.

For the email notfications, use the Push To Live option, so the emails in your TEST site reflect in your LIVE site.

  • If your TEST site has Email Notifications v1 and Checkout v2 enabled, Copy Configurations (LIVE to TEST) will copy the configurations to the LIVE site
  • Copy Configurations does not copy the Metadata saved in your TEST site to your LIVE site

How do I repopulate the sample data in the TEST site? 

This option is only available on the TEST site. To repopulate the TEST site data, log in to your Chargebee site and navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Repopulate Sample Data
Note that data under Product Catalog and Subscription sections in your TEST site will be replaced with Chargebee's sample data. However, the changes under Settings will be retained.

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