Chargebee's integration with Xero simplifies your accounting process by automatically syncing invoices and related details to your Xero account. This reduces the manual effort spent on exporting invoices from Chargebee and importing them into Xero and increases data accuracy.

After the integration is set up, you will be able to:

  • Sync Customers, Plans/Addons price points, Coupon discounts, Invoices, Credit Notes, Taxes, Payments, Refunds, One time charges, Round offs and so on.
  • View updated transaction details that are synced to Xero in the reports such as the Accounts Receivables report, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement.
  • Match payments to the corresponding invoices in your Xero account and reconcile with the bank statement.
  • Create / Download tax liability reports and file returns within your local tax authorities within Xero.
  • Sync Account Hierarchy. For information on how to enable Account Hierarchy feature with Xero integration, check our Xero Customer Mapping documentation.
  • This is a one-way sync, all invoices and related information from Chargebee are synced to Xero.
  • If you have multiple tax jurisdictions setup in Chargebee, it is not recommended to connect the Chargebee site to a single account in Xero due to tax implications in Xero.
  • This integration of Chargebee with Xero supports the multi-decimal feature.

Account Summary Report 

If your business processes large number of invoices and you do not prefer to sync each invoice to your Xero account, you can use the Account Summary Report in Chargebee. The Account Summary Report summarizes all the billing transactions and provides the net values to be accounted for:

  • Sales (Invoices & Credit Notes)
  • Discounts
  • Taxes
  • Bad Debts, Adhoc charges
  • Payments, Refunds, Adjustments
  • Revenue to be recognized for the corresponding customers / subscriptions

The Account Summary Reports can be used if you prefer to update all the transactions as a daily / weekly / monthly journal entry in Xero.

Sync Overview 

This is a one-way invoice integration from Chargebee to Xero. Updates made in Xero will not be updated in Chargebee and will cause data mapping issues. Please get in touch with us, and we will recommend the right approach to update information in Xero without causing sync errors.

Data syncs from Chargebee to Xero as follows:


  • Customer details get synced as Contacts in Xero.
  • Chargebee checks if a customer record is already present in Xero. If the customer record is already present in Xero, the name is suffixed by (name)1, (name)2 to differentiate between the customer records.
  • You can choose to map the customers between Chargebee and Xero to ensure duplicates are not created during the sync.
  • Billing address linked to the invoice gets synced.
  • You can also map custom fields in Chargebee customer entity with Xero Contacts. Contact support  to enable custom field mapping for your integration.
  • Customer Credits (Promo credits/ Refundable credits) are not synced until they are applied to an invoice.

Invoices/Credit Notes

  • All the invoices are synced to Xero, except the invoices that are in PENDING status.
  • Invoices generated on renewal or subscription changes are synced.
  • Differences in the invoice amount in Chargebee and Xero gets reconciled by adding a Round-off amount line item automatically. You can choose a GL account to map the round-offs.
  • Fractional correction in the invoice amount in Chargebee are reconciled by adding a Round-off amount line item automatically. And tax is exempted for the fractional correction amount.

Note: If you are a merchant operating in the Nordic region, you can enable the invoice voiding feature in Chargebee that automatically creates and applies a credit note against each voided invoice. This is now supported in the Xero integration as well. Please reach out to support to enable this feature.

Credit Notes

  • Credit notes in REFUNDABLE and REFUND DUE statuses gets synced to Xero.


  • Payment & Refund transactions get synced to the Bank account/ Undeposited funds/ clearing account in Xero.
  • Successful transactions are only synced to Xero.
  • The gateway transaction ID or offline payment reference number gets synced.
  • If the Chargebee site is connected with Stripe payment gateway and Xero then the exchange rate is fetched from the Stripe payment gateway.

Plans / Addons

  • Plan/Addon price points are synced as Inventory Items in Xero.
  • Plan/Addon price point ID will be set as Item Code. If Plan ID exceeds 30 char, Plan SKU in Chargebee gets synced as Item Code.
  • Plan/Addon price point Invoice Name is set as Item Description.
  • If an item is already present, then you can enter the Item ID in Chargebee to avoid duplicates from being created.

Discounts/ coupons applied in Chargebee

  • You can create item level and invoice level discounts - % and fixed $ amount in Chargebee.
  • Chargebee syncs these discounts as % discounts in the invoice.
  • Invoice level discount gets proportionately distributed across all line items.


  • Taxes applied in the invoice get synced to Xero.
  • Tax mapping is possible only if you have set up taxes in Chargebee.
  • For US version of Xero - tax codes are created by Chargebee automatically.
  • For Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Indian versions, you can select from the default tax rates created in Xero.
  • If you have multiple tax jurisdictions setup in Chargebee, you cannot sync to a native version of Xero (which has default taxes setup, such as Australian version or New Zealand version).
  • If you have multiple tax profiles in Chargebee, then you can select a tax code for each profile.
  • Default tax codes can be provided as a fallback option.
  • Effective tax rates applied in the invoices via AvaTax for Communications can be synced to Xero.
  • Any updates made to invoices in Xero will not be synced back to Chargebee. It is recommended that you update invoice or related information in Chargebee. The changes will get updated in Xero in the subsequent sync.
  • If offline payment is recorded in Xero for an invoice, the payment is synced back to Chargebee's invoice.
  • If there are any deletions made in Xero, these are not synced to Chargebee.


API Limit
Xero supports 1000 API hits per day per organization. During the sync process, if the limit is exceeded, the invoices and related records will not be pushed to Xero. The pending records will be pushed to Xero in the subsequent sync. Read more about Xero's API limits.


  • Xero does not support multiple Contacts with the same name (so John Carter cannot exist twice in Xero). However, Chargebee allows multiple customers with the same name. These will be synced with suffixes (1), (2), etc. to differentiate between the customer records.
  • Updates made to customer information in Chargebee will not be synced to Xero. Contact support  in case you need to update the details into Xero.
  • We will notify the customer of any updates in Chargebee during invoice syncing.
  • Please note that the contact code remains unchanged unless the customer is created by the sync process.

Shipping Address

Shipping address in Chargebee will not be synced to Xero, as Xero does not allow to capture it.


If you modify the Plans, Addons, or their price points in Chargebee after syncing invoices with Xero, the updates will not be synced to Xero. The update should be made in Xero manually.


Chargebee supports %discounts and fixed amount discount coupons - at line item level and invoice level. But Xero supports %discounts at line item level only. Hence fixed amount discounts and invoice level discounts will be converted to %discount (at line item level) and synced with Xero.


You can delete a subscription in Chargebee and the corresponding invoices will be deleted as well. Currently this will not be synced to Xero. User should manually void each invoice in Xero.


If an invoice or credit note is deleted in Chargebee, it will be voided in Xero.

Multi currency

Xero does not process invoices that are generated in a currency that does not match the bank account currency associated with the Organization or the base currency of the Organization.


Payment mode details, such as Credit card/Cash/Check/ACH etc., cannot be synced to Xero, as Xero does not accept these via API. Chargebee sends the gateway transaction ID or offline payment reference number.

Credit notes

  • Xero does not support discounts in Credit Notes, hence the discount amounts will be proportionately distributed across the Credit note line items.
  • Credit note once allocated cannot be reversed via Xero API. So if a credit note allocation is reversed in Chargebee, then user should manually de-allocate it in Xero as well.
  • In Chargebee, once a Credit Note is created, a Refund transaction will be mapped to the Credit Note (similar to a Payment transaction being mapped to an Invoice). But if the refund transaction is removed from the Credit Note, this will not be removed automatically via Xero API, this should be done manually.


Can you connect multiple Chargebee sites to a single Xero account?

Yes, you can connect multiple Chargebee sites to a single Xero account. Additionally if multi-entity is enabled in the site then different entities can be connected to different xero account as well.

Can I enable multiple tax regions for Chargebee - Xero integration?

Xero can report taxes in a single country and only the global edition of Xero supports multiple tax regions. We recommend users to either update to Xero's global edition or create different tax accounts and tax codes in Xero to support multiple tax regions. Click here for more information on how Xero supports tax returns in multiple regions.

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