Go to Market Faster
With a Scalable Plan
& Product Catalogue

Model your plan catalogue in the most efficient way, and give yourself the biggest competitive advantage ever - time.

Scale with Zero Tech Debt

Streamline multi-product offerings with zero additional code and save tons of time and effort.

Maintain a lean catalogue by mapping add-ons, charges, currency, and billing frequency to each plan

Save time and effort that goes into the upkeep of a complicated catalogue and stay organised with minimal effort.

Unlock new revenue opportunities by launching new plans and pricing strategies faster and efficiently.

Declutter and Systemise Your Product Catalog

Declutter and Systemise
Your Product Catalogue

Declutter and Systemise Your Product Catalog

When you deal with multiple products under one roof, things can get messy. Every plan, recommended add-on, billing frequency, and currency add layers of complexity. Manage your product medley better with Chargebee's Product Family Mapping capabilities. And with minimal code, you can also automate entitlements management for each product.

Chargebee's Subscription Management Suite
Managing your subscription plan catalogue
Scale Your Offerings Elegantly Across Customer Segments

Scale Your Offerings Elegantly Across Customer Segments

Scale Your Offerings Elegantly Across Customer Segments

A seemingly simple product catalogue can get deceivingly difficult to handle if you don't plan it right. Chargebee makes it breezy to define different price points for each currency-frequency combination. So you get multiple variations neatly mapped under one plan. You can also mandate add-ons and define event-based charges for an entire plan without having to redo it for each combination. Launch fast, scale faster with Product Catalogue 2.0!

Recurring Billing Management with Chargebee
Flexible Billing Period

Build Your Pricing to Adapt to Any Condition

Behind every untested pricing strategy, lies tables filled with stacks of cold hard cash. With Chargebee, you can test each plan with different pricing models - flat, volume, tiered, anything. Each currency-frequency combination under a plan can carry a different pricing model and different event-based charges. Experiment with different combinations and find the sweetest of all pricing spots instead of following your competitors.

Set up different pricing models
Pricing Experiments with Chargebee

Track Every Variable That Affects Your Plan Performance

Agile experimenting is pointless if you can't track its impact on the value created and revenue generated. Use Chargebee's Custom Fields to capture each plan, add-on, price point, and non-recurring charges. These fields become your filters inside Chargebee's analytics platform, where you can track MRR generated by each component.

Custom Fields
Chargebee's Reporting Capabilities