Plans aren't that complicated

For good developers it isn't. Others complicate it. Good developers appreciate the modular setup of Chargebee.

Manage free trial, quantity, setup fee and pricing models like flat fee, quantity based charges.
Experiment. Learn. Iterate to learn more.

Eat the pricing frog

Pricing changes are hard. And yet essential in recurring revenue businesses, especially when you're experimenting. The ease of price management will empower your team to implement pricing changes with confidence.

Maintain your pricing promises

Change pricing. And yet keep your existing promises. Chargebee is designed with best practices to grandfather-in pricing iterations so you make conscious decisions. Archive. Create New Plans. Launch.

Wield discounts to drive growth

Want to promote a particular plan? Run a campaign by giving away a coupon just for that plan. Give autonomy to your marketing and sales teams and yet control the essentials.

Same goes with taxes. Exempt certain plans from taxes, while still applying the global tax rules on everything else.