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Take Decisive Actions with
Comprehensive Subscription Analytics

Get 360° business visibility with subscription analytics and insight-driven dashboards.
Drive data-backed decisions that keep your business aligned with growth.

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Unearth Your
Revenue Story
Customize your MRR calculation by picking what recurring and non-recurring charges get computed in your MRR.
Derive Intelligent Insights about your subscription business with billing, leakage, and transaction analytics.
Quickly create custom reports without any developer dependency.
Improve your trial-to-paid workflow with in-depth trial analytics.

Get A 360° View of Your Business
Growth on One Dashboard

Go beyond the basics of MRR by diving into its sister metrics like Average Revenue Per Subscription, Lifetime Value, etc. And then go even deeper into MRR growth across plans, and analyze retention cohorts month-on-month. Completely customize dashboards and build your own reports without any code or excel sheets and drive alignment across the organization. Chargebee's reporting capability lets you analyze your revenue from multiple perspectives - product, sales, marketing, finance, retention, and more!

More about Chargebee's reporting capabilities
A lot of accounting systems do not understand the logic of subscriptions. So, they don't show a large part of MRR. They probably connect to payment gateways and collect payments. But to get the whole reporting in terms of subscriptions, different plans, and billing dates — that is challenging. And that's why you need a solution like Chargebee that understands this better.

Because No Break-up
Should Catch You Unaware

Nobody likes a break-up. Don't let your hard-earned customers churn away, by proactively monitoring their retention and growth. Set up alerts for churn reports, and get notified when churn shoots above a certain limit. Identify gaps in engagement by analyzing which customers churn, why, and when. And go beyond just "knowing" by diagnosing the root cause of your churn miseries.

Explore the Churn Management Suite
Revenue Leakage Reports

Customize and Create Your Own Reports with Zero Code

When the predefined reports don't work for you, create your own with key data sources from Chargebee. Your Subscriptions, Customers, Invoices, Payments, Refunds, Applied credits, and even recognized revenue in Chargebee can be the source of truth for your reports. You can visualize your data by creating custom cohorts and tables, without any developer dependency.

More about Report Builder

Identify Revenue Maximization Opportunities From a Mile Away

A dozen revenue initiatives could be worthy of your team's attention. How do you sniff out the ones with the maximum revenue impact? With Chargebee's Trial Analytics, you can track trial conversion rate, free to paid MRR, and how long trial users take to activate. What more is that you can schedule snapshots of any dashboard and custom report to anyone in your organization.

Schedule snapshots of your reports

GAAP-proof Your Financial Analysis

Drill into recurring and non-recurring revenue streams and analyze payments, refunds, and credit notes. Map out accounts receivables by invoice status and age. And keep it real by comparing your expected MRR with the actual Realized Revenue in billing reports. You can also combine it with your Chargebee data like invoices, subscriptions, plan, etc. to analyze your recognized revenue data from multiple perspectives.

Chargebee for Subscription Finance Operations
Chargebee's Revenue Recognition Reports
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