Open Source Laravel Package for Subscriptions

Sample Implementation to integrate with Chargebee

The open source Laravel package provides an easy way to build subscription and billing modules using Chargebee. The implementation is similar to that of Laravel Cashier, which provides an interface to Stripe's and Braintree's subscription billing services.

What does this package offer?

This package facilitates integration with a subscription management system by providing a Laravel wrapper on top of Chargebee's API.

What does it do?

It helps you fast track your subscription module implementation by handling common use cases. More specifically, it handles use cases such as::

  • Subscription creation
  • Subscription upgrade/downgrade
  • Subscription cancellation
  • Proration
  • Product (plan, addon & coupon) configuration
  • Payment switch

It is propped with abstraction required for a bunch of things Chargebee does, including invoicing, dunning, taxes & emails. Additionally, it also allows you to create subscriptions with Stripe and Braintree using their javascript libraries.

The Laravel package is a generous contribution from Tijmen Wierenga. Tijmen provides Laravel customers the option to use Chargebee and the reason for this is best explained in his own kind words. :)

"My name is Tijmen Wierenga and I'm currently employed at Floown. At Floown we are using Chargebee for all our billing services and we love it. This is the main reason I signed up at Chargebee myself. I'm currently working on a open source Chargebee-adapter for the Laravel framework. Laravel provides Stripe and Braintree as payment gateways and I believe everyone using Laravel deserves to be able to use Chargebee right out of the box."

Do try out the package and send us your feedback! You may contact Tijmen at for implementation related queries or reach out to us at

Tijmen Wierenga, a passionate developer at Floown, plays an active role in the developer community. Apart from perfecting his coding skills, he loves to play football and enjoys travelling to the nicest places. He is also an ardent admirer of the beach.