Open Source Ruby Gem for Subscriptions

Sample Implementation to integrate with Chargebee

This Ruby Gem implementation can be used as a skeleton to handle your SaaS use cases and build your subscription module.

What's it for?

Chargebee has a REST API and a Ruby wrapper built on it and yet, as a developer, in order to integrate a billing platform onto your SaaS application, you would have to:
  • Build a basic boilerplate code and write database models for your subscription integration module,
  • Build a of wrapper APIs for various billing scenarios that would normally occur in your application, and,
  • Write a password protected webhook handler, to sync the data between Chargebee and your application,

We understand that you value time and effort in building your product. So, writing a code to integrate subscription billing into your SaaS should be the last of your worries.


The open source Ruby Gem consists of a boilerplate template that addresses core subscription billing use cases. This should save significant hours of development & testing time. We estimate it to be approximately 20-60 hours depending on your needs.

What can this gem do?

It gives you most of the subscription billing codes relevant to a SaaS business. Apart from basic subscription management, it handles:

  • Subscription upgrade & downgrade scenarios.
  • Estimate API to show the order summary & charges before the customer confirms the subscription changes. This is to show the customer what they would pay after the change.
  • Setting up of relevant db models to store subscription data.
  • Handling webhooks notifications from Chargebee to ensure that the data is in sync with your application.

Wait.. there's more!

The gem also offers:

  • Built in webhook handling controllers that you can simply inherit and override.
  • APIs to handle various subscription billing scenarios.
  • A customizable template to track metered billing usage.

The open source Ruby gem was built by our development partner Spritle, a dev agency that specializes in RAILS. Do give it a spin and email us at for any queries. If you need an implementation partner, you may contact the nice guys at Spritle.

Spritle is a software company that builds data and UX intensive web applications using Ruby on Rails and Node.js