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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a paid account in Zapier to create Chargebee related zaps?

    No. Chargebee is available to users under the 'Free' plan in Zapier as well.

  • What are Triggers and Actions in Zapier?

    Triggers are events in Zapier for which it recives data from an app. And similarly, Actions are events in Zapier for which it sends data.

  • How frequently does Zapier sync with Chargebee?

    Chargebee syncs in real time with Zapier. Though the Zaps are triggered based on the price plan you are subscribed to in Zapier.

  • Are there any limitations in the integration?

    A limitation that we are aware of at the moment is support for multiple line items. When integrating with accounting services such as QuickBooks and Xero, include the invoice total and also all the necessary information in the line item's description when matching up fields. This is so that all the information can be displayed in a single line item.

  • Apart from Chargebee, do I also need to work with a payment gateway account as well?

    Yes. You need your own payment gateway account to help process credit card payments & receive money in your bank account. Configure the gateway credentials in Chargebee and you are all set to receive payments. No separate integration is necessary. We can help you get one if you need any assistance.

  • Does Chargebee automatically send invoices to my customers?

    Yes. However, you should explicitly enable this under email settings in Chargebee.

  • Is the credit card payment managed securely?

    Yes. Chargebee is PCI Level 1 certified service provider and all credit card data are handled in a PCI-DSS compliant manner.

  • Can Chargebee help make modifications on my website to integrate?

    We have development partners who you can choose depending on your budget. The integration is super simple. Depending on the level of customization required they can give you a quote.