Reseller Partner Program

The Rise of the Subscription Business Model - Are you in?
You build technology and software business solutions and services that help your customers run their business more efficiently. We help you deliver them in a dynamic, customer-driven way.

The Subscription Landscape is becoming present in all regions and market segments. Many businesses are transforming their revenue models into a subscription business model. Partnering with Chargebee provides you with the opportunity to drive this change on behalf of your customers or support them while they transition. Read more

Why to join our program?

Sell the Latest Technology
Deliver to clients the latest technology products and services.
Increased Margins
Additional discounts and revenue opportunities can be achieved.
Receive Leads
Drive your sales engine by Chargebee leads provided to you after demand generation campaigns.
Benefit of an Established Name
Get listed in our partner directory and get exposure to thousands of Chargebee's customers.
All the support you need
Enjoy our extensive online documentation, 24*7 email support and the possibility of priority phone support. Our Partner Success team is here to support you all the way.
Become Subscription Technology Experts
Have access to a our resources including technical support, product and market training, marketing assistance including MDF (Market Development Funds) or co-op funds, campaign templates, and more.

Who is this program perfect for?

System Integrators

Deliver success for your customers with a top notch subscription management solution that helps them collect recurring payments effectively. Become subscription experts and deliver added value to your customer by helping them implement, roll-out and scale with Chargebee.


Achieve business goals and earn recurring commissions of 20% while giving your customers what they're looking for. It's a win-win. Sell Chargebee that is designed to be easy for customers, is fast and flexible, has quick time to value, and adds a new revenue stream to your business to earn millions in revenue.


The Subscription Landscape is growing in all regions and market segments. And many businesses are transforming their revenue models into a subscription business model. Partnering with Chargebee provides you with the opportunity to drive this change on behalf of your customers and support them while they transition.

Because you want to spend your time on strategy and execution and not spend energy on invoicing your customer.

Secure & flexible billing system

Untangle messy recurring billing scenarios by automating invoices from lead to ledger, handle complex billing scenarios and offer flexible payment terms

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Provide a frictionless checkout experience that is completely secure, customizable and offers insights about your customers

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Offer flexible payment terms: Consolidated and Advanced invoicing, Prorations and Calendar billing

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Comprehensive Security & compliance: Customer transactions and personal data always remain secure with certified industry standards: PCI-DSS, 3DS, SOC-I, SOC-II, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, SAML, 2FA

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Expand globally & serve locally

Scale globally with a comprehensive array of payment gateways and multi-currency support. Localization is supported with local payment methods, languages and country specific compliance needs.

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Handle taxation and compliance requirements based on country and business type with ease.

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Expert forecasting and reporting

Provide specific functional reporting metrics for different teams, gain deep insights on growth, churn and transactions.

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Manage revenue recognition compliance (ASC-606, IFRS-15) with confidence and ease.

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Optimize revenue potential

Tune your Account Receivable processes; automate revenue recovery and get accurate, real time reporting

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Increase customer retention with flexible payment options, card account updater and reduce chargebacks

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Extensible Billing Platform to Your Core Applications

Integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify as well as marketing automation tools that provide a seamless Lead to Customer billing experience, Quote to Cash workflows, and Quote-approval-payment requests processes.

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Connect accounting and finance systems, with direct integrations to Netsuite, Intacct, QBO, Xero and several others. Reconcile invoices directly, reduce manual sync errors and hours of grunt work.

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