Roll New Pricing

Pricing change should not be another multi-quarter project
Chargebee enables you with the billing infrastructure to launch, experiment, and iterate pricing structures in minutes. Not months.
  • Rethink value equation
  • Try multiple pricing models
  • Roll-out new prices
  • Grandfather customers
Unlock Revenue Hidden Within Your Pricing Structures
Iterate Pricing
Experiment with multiple price points, or flip your entire pricing model to identify your value sweet-spot.
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Win with Flexibility
Empower sales to win deals with custom pricing options that step outside the list price every once in a while.
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Insulate price shocks
Big bang pricing changes can backfire. Focus your experiments on new customers and charge existing customers what you first promised.
Your Business is Unique. Your Pricing Strategy Should be Too...
From flat-fee to per-unit models, custom pricing and fluid discounts, addons and overages - if you can think of a pricing structure, Chargebee lets you deploy it.
Deep Plan & SKU Modeling
Implement varied pricing plans tied to features and quantity units. Roll out a freemium strategy, or even charge meterages based on consumption.
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Flexible Billing Periods
Offer flexible billing cycles, ranging from daily and weekly periods, to multi-year contracts.
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Value-based Pricing
Align pricing with the right value metrics you deliver to customers. Charge a flat fee, or by users, features, storage, bandwidth, files, minutes, devices and more.
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A collection of jumpstart solutions to help you drive change
Tame price elasticity
Change prices without losing demand. Evolve a good mix of Trials, Free units, Discounts and Coupons.
Test new pricing
Create and launch plans with new pricing models, present performance to build internal consensus.
De-risk pricing changes
Roll-out in phases and decouple pricing changes from billing cycles and prorations.
Customize pricing
Tailor prices at purchase & still have them catalogued, counted under the same product.
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