Configuring Fields and Labels 


As a merchant you can choose the fields that you want to display during checkout. This allows you to collect the necessary information from your customers. You can also set custom fields to collect business specific information.

Navigate to the Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self serve portal > Fields tab in Chargebee to configure them.

Enable the fields that you want to show in the checkout. Chargebee allows you to configure the following field information:


Account Information, Billing and Shipping sections need to be enabled from your end. You can enable them by clicking the Enable link next to the section.

  • Account Information: Collects account information such as name, email, company etc. You can choose to add custom fields in this section to collect specific information from customers. Learn more.
  • Custom fields for subscription: Collects subscription-related information from customers such as domain URLs, shipping date, t-shirt size, etc. Learn more.
  • Billing: Collects billing information such as address, phone number, name, VAT number etc. Please do note that to configure tax details such as VAT or GST, you must set billing country as mandatory in your tax settings. Learn more. Further you can choose where you'd like to display the address (i.e., checkout, portal or both checkout and portal)
  • Shipping: Collects shipping information such as shipping address, name, phone number etc. If you'd like to use the same configuration as your billing address enable the ‘Use the same configuration as billing' setting. Your billing address configurations will be copied for shipping address as well. If you do not want to collect billing and shipping address from your customers you can enable the In checkout how the option "Ship to my billing address".
  • Payments: Collects payment related information such as card number, expiry, CVV etc. Card Number and Expiry will be collected by default and stored in your payment gateway.
  • Consent Information: Collects consent from customers to send marketing mailers, etc. Learn more.

Working with Fields 

Enabling a Field: You can enable/disable a field by moving the toggle next to the field.

Reordering: You can reorder the fields based on how you'd like it to be displayed in checkout.

Editing a field: You can edit the name of the field, choose to show or hide during checkout.

Available properties are:


You can customize the field labels and messages displayed in the Checkout Pages and Self-Serve Portal.

To set/customize the labels, navigate to the Labels section.

Working with Labels 

You can add the labels by clicking the +Add more copy/text and selecting the copy.

In the below example, we are going to add notes that will be displayed during checkout. This note will be displayed for all the users (except trial users) in the Complete order screen during checkout.

This is how it will look during checkout.

Similarly, you can customize labels even in your portal. You can add custom labels to differentiate between various items in the accounts or subscriptions list page in customer portal. 

Let's say some of your customers have multiple subscriptions for the same plan. When they visit their portal to make changes to one of their subscriptions, it's not easy to find the exact one when all the subscription items look alike. With custom labels, you can call out some additional information that is unique for each subscription. 

For example, you can add a custom "size" label in the subscription summary. This will help your customers identify a specific subscription easily.

Preview Checkout and Self serve portal 

Chargebee's powerful preview functionality allows you to view how the checkout and self serve portal will look for your customers.

To preview checkout and self serve portal,

  • Click the Preview checkout/self serve portal link in the Checkout & Self-Serve Portal page.

  • In the preview screen that opens, select Checkout to preview checkout and Portal to preview portal.

  • Select the scenario that you'd like to view under Preview settings.

  • Checkout: You can view the checkout flow for new users and existing users.

  • Portal: Select a customer from the drop down to view how the portal would like for them.

Thank you Page Redirection 

Saying thank you is an integral part in every customer interaction. Chargebee allows you to either pass a small thank you note at the end of the transaction or redirect them to a custom URL.

Adding thank you note:

  • Select Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve portal > Labels (See more on Labels)
  • Click Add more copy/text and search for the term ‘CLOSE'. The search results will vary depending on the scenario (for example: Extend subscription, Gift subscription etc).
  • Add the appropriate label and edit the text (see how to do this).
  • Your "Thank you" note will get added as shown in the image below.
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