Chargebee does all the heavy lifting

Create a subscription, specify the details, and sit back. Chargebee keeps track of billing cycles, and will notify you when it's time to bill them, thanks to webhook notifications. Just tell us the usage details, and let our automated workflow take over.

Handle metered billing components in style

Here's a pro tip: Create quantity based non-recurring add-ons, and use them as your metered components. So at the end of a billing cycle, all you’ve got to do is specify the add-on quantity used, and add that charge to the invoice using the corresponding API call.

Bill, any time of the month

Come on, it just doesn't make sense to charge all your customers at the end of the month, irrespective of the date when they had signed up. Bill your customers the right way.

Experiment. Rinse. Repeat.

Charge your customers solely based on their usage. Or, set up a base price and apply additional charges based on the usage. If need be, add one-time charges. Chargebee accommodates most popular metered billing models.