Hosted Self-Serve Portal 

Chargebee's hosted self-serve portal is a customer-facing platform that allows subscribers to manage their account and billing information. Through the self-serve portal, customers can:

  • View and update their personal and billing information.
  • View their subscription details and billing history.
  • Manage their payment methods.

The self-serve portal is customizable, allowing you to brand it with your logos and colors. It also integrates seamlessly with Chargebee's subscription management platform, meaning all customer interactions with the self-serve portal automatically reflect in your subscription data. This can help you to streamline your subscription management processes and avoid errors or discrepancies.

The hosted self-serve portal can be a convenient and efficient way for your business to allow your customers to manage their accounts and billing information, reducing the workload for your business and improving the customer experience. It can also help you retain customers by providing a simple and convenient way to manage their subscriptions.

Why have a Self-Serve Portal? 

A self-serve portal is a platform that allows customers to manage their accounts and billing information without the need for direct assistance from your customer service team. The portal can be beneficial for you and the customer in several ways:

  • Empower customers: enable your customers to be self-reliant by allowing them to manage their accounts and subscriptions, including the ability to make changes or updates.

  • Optimize business: reduce support costs and optimize your business by providing easy access to account and billing information to your customers.

  • Offload subscription management.

  • Upsell your business: help your customers discover additional content related to subscribed plans.

  • Enhance your CX: improve customer experience with the self-serve portal designed and optimized for subscription billing.

Using the Chargebee-hosted self-serve portal can save you time and resources by eliminating the need to build and maintain your solutions for managing subscription billing and customer interactions. The portal's settings allow you to select and customize the actions that customers can perform and the appearance of the portal.

Alternatively, suppose you prefer to build your portal. In that case, Chargebee offers pre-built "widgets" that can be easily integrated into your website or application to facilitate specific workflows such as payment method management, address management, and cancellation processes. You can customize the look and feel of widgets to match your branding and style guidelines.

Learn more about the widgets.

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