Enhance customer experience and collection efficiency with intelligent automation

Chargebee Receivables combines automation with smart insights to deliver a contextual customer engagement in something as tricky as collections.

Develop a data-driven customer experience

Engage proactively with customers to reduce the risk of involuntary churn.

End the time-consuming manual follow-up process by building end-to-end auto engagement workflows for payment reminders.

Segment customers based on payment behaviors and responses to build unique collection journeys.

Configure rules to build targeted campaigns and closely monitor customer engagement.

Tackle payment failures proactively

Payment failure management

Failed payments can silently strip away your loyal customers and recurring revenue without your knowledge. Chargebee Receivables is an industry-first collections platform that helps you uncover the reason behind failed payments with prebuilt filters, so collectors can engage with the customers quickly and reduce the risk of churn.

Build a personalized collection experience

Sending a templatized reminder message to all customers who have varied payment behavior can create an unpleasant experience. Chargebee Receivables offers the freedom to develop different cohorts based on how customers react and respond. Build intuitive follow-up workflows for each customer based on their profiles, invoice volumes, and payment details.

Put email reminders on auto-pilot

Set up and relax! From payment reminders to payment acknowledgment, collectors can build end-to-end workflows to engage with customers proactively. Decide email frequency, create customer segments, choose when to escalate a pending invoice, and set up a follow-up sequence based on customer interactions.

Drive impact with data-driven workflows

Rule based engagement

Get real-time visibility into how customers interact with your emails and design follow-up workflows to drive better engagements. Define rules to automatically exclude customers from the engagement cycles if they have replied, made payments, or promised to pay against the invoices.

Build predefined email templates

Email templates

Managing customer interactions at scale can be challenging, especially when collectors have to draft back-to-back emails. In addition to the prebuilt templates, create emails for every use case so that your team can quickly edit and use them on the go.

Data-Driven Customer Engagement to Accelerate the Revenue-to-Cash Process
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