Bring in subscription data from Chargebee into ActiveCampaign to automate more contextual marketing campaigns

Amp up your marketing automation in ActiveCampaign with data from Chargebee

Chargebee +
Active Campaign

Rich data is the pathway to effective marketing. Go beyond customer data and include subscriptions, plan levels, orders, invoices and more to segment, target and deliver successful email campaigns.

Subscription info can be a treasure trove to help develop the perfect marketing workflow on ActiveCampaign. With 15+data additional data points now at your disposal, you can provide relevant content to your customers and upsell, cross sell, coach or even resurrect a lost customer!

Give marketing automation a boost

Launch and execute automated campaigns with better segmentation. Go beyond geographic, demographic and psychographic details to reach your customers.


  • Send pre-built workflows to customers on specific plans to prompt them to upgrade

  • Target onboarding emails to subscribers who have just signed up

No more stale subscriber data

Keep your mailing list current with new customer sign ups, billing info, cancellation reasons, MRR, trial status and more.

Easy Sync

Update email lists with ease. Automatically sync customers in Chargebee to ActiveCampaign making sure that they are part of your carefully designed marketing workflow.