Advanced SaaS Metrics and Growth Reporting Using Chargebee & ChartMogul

Hello there,

How to make your data useless?

Gather them. Make static reports. Rinse and repeat.

Not a fan of that approach, huh?

Neither are we.

Presenting to you a full-fledged integration of Chargebee with ChartMogul, which will now enable you to:

Automatically sync your customers' subscriptions, plans, addons, transactions and other payments-related data from Chargebee with your ChartMogul account.

Generate real-time, dynamic reports on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Churn Rates, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), etc. Drill down through the data and perform Segmentation, Cohort analysis, Geo-mapping, and more, on the fly

Get additional integrations like Zapier and Clearbit to add more layers to your data, and to aggregate them in a single place. This will also enable you to perform advanced data segmentation (Eg., filtering MRR by Sales representative, Churn by NPS score, etc).

Visit ChartMogul to learn more about setting up this integration.

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