FirstPromoter is the first affordable affiliate tracking and management tool, designed and built exclusively for subscription businesses.

Manage your Affiliate Marketing with FirstPromoter and Chargebee

Chargebee +

Most affiliate tracking tools are built around eCommerce, making it very difficult to handle even the basic use cases encountered by subscription businesses. They are not tied with subscriptions and don't know how to handle subscription upgrades, downgrades, delayed credit card charges or cancellations.

FirstPromoter was built from the ground-up with subscription businesses in mind. FirstPromoter automatically adjusts commissions in case of upgrades or downgrades, automatically tracks free trials, cancellations and refunds, calculates Monthly Recurring Revenue generated by affiliates, let's you set different commissions for different pricing plans, and much more.

What will this integration solve?

  • Track and generate referral commissions for both recurring sales and one-time charges

  • Automatically create commissions for different subscription scenarios like upgrades, downgrades and cancellations

  • Generate promo codes and track your affiliate sales by just using coupon codes without any referral links or cookies

How to get started?

Follow the steps here to get started with the integration.

Auto-generate commission for subscription

The biggest advantage of using Chargebee integration is the precise and safe tracking of all customer billing events - sales, upgrades, downgrades, refunds and cancellations. Moreover, traditional tools use javascript to track sales, a process which can be easily manipulated to generate fake commissions. With Chargebee integration, only when you get the sale confirmation from Chargebee we generate an actual commission, highly reducing the fraud risk.

Set commissions and create unique coupons

Set commissions based on the pricing plans . FirstPromoter allows you to set up different commissions based on the plan id on Chargebee. You can also exclude very easily certain plans from generating commissions.

With the Chargebee integration you can enable powerful tracking options such as coupon code tracking - meaning you can assign a coupon code from Chargebee to an affiliate and when FirstPromoter detect a sale with that coupon code, you would know which affiliate generated the sale, without using referral links or cookies

Automate Email to your Affiliates

You can automatically activate and on-board your new affiliates with pre-made drip emails. You can also send emails based on different triggers like when a payout is completed.