Boost Sales for your Subscription Business with Chargebee and LeadDyno for your Affiliate Marketing Program

One of the reasons that subscription businesses like LootCrate and BirchBox reigned was their smart affiliate marketing campaigns.

We wanted to do more than offer you a billing solution. So, we partnered with LeadDyno, so you can ace your affiliate marketing strategy.

You can also manage your affiliate recruitment and commission strategy for your marketing program. Recruit affiliates and invite your customers to join your affiliate program with automated email marketing. Payouts to your affiliates via PayPal is a breeze.

Stay in touch with your Sales and Marketing with the daily activity report on your affiliate program. All you have to do is install a minimal JS on your site and LeadDyno will track the affiliate conversions.

Build an army of affiliates and partners and manage your customized affiliate programs with Chargebee and LeadDyno. Track affiliate leads and conversions automatically, when new customers sign up.

Simplified Affiliate Management

Have complete control over your affiliate management program. Add, modify and approve affiliates in seconds.

Real-time Affiliate Dashboard

Let your affiliates track the progress of their affiliate program from Chargebee, with LeadDyno’s dashboards user-friendly and crystal clear dashboard.

Built-in Hosted Pages

LeadDyno is built into the hosted pages ensuring the fastest method of setting up a an affiliate program. Custom integration is also possible for users leveraging the API.

Multi-tiered Affiliate Programs

Incentivize affiliates to recruit other affiliates by giving them additional credit for any purchases that their sub-affiliates generate, with multi-level marketing.

Visit LeadDyno to learn more about setting up this integration.

Empower your customers to refer more people to your business, and boost your sales with Chargebee’s integration with Friendbuy.

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