Dynamics GP is a mid-market business accounting or enterprise resource planning software. This is an on-premise software, and Chargebee is the only one among leading subscription management platforms to integrate with Dynamics GP.

Use the Chargebee integration to automatically add subscription data into your ERP

Chargebee +
Microsoft Dynamics GP

The one-way data sync from Chargebee to Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures that your preferred ERP tool has all the up-to-date subscription and billing details. The integration allows Dynamics GP to continue being the single source of truth regarding all customer, inventory, and sales data.

Dynamics GP is an on-premise software used by large enterprises worldwide. Without a direct integration, Finance teams have to manually upload subscription information to add to their other details. This integration ensures that Dynamics GP draws upon the latest details of invoices, pricing plans, coupons, addons, etc., for all the customers available in your database.

The Chargebee + Dynamics GP integration gives your Finance teams the ability to manage your subscription billing elegantly. Every subscription sale, payment collected, reconciled, and recognized can be tracked inside Dynamics GP.

With customer, subscription, and invoice information of Chargebee readily available in Dynamics GP, it’s like having a mini-Chargebee right within your preferred ERP platform!

Here’s what it means for your teams:

  1. Have your subscription and billing information sync with sales - including plans, subscriptions, coupons, addons, pricing models, quotes, and invoices.

  2. Identify more upsell and cross-sell opportunities with a contextual 360° view of invoices, subscriptions, opportunities, and accounts.

  3. Use Chargebee to collect payments with automated reminders, reconcile, and recognize revenue accurately.

  4. Sync revenue data with your ERP to create a truly integrated revenue reporting module.

Reduce manual workflows to update your Dynamics GP data

End manually inputting subscription data for your Finance teams. With this integration, Chargebee automatically transfers all the details regarding your sales transactions so that you do not need to remember to run a sync every day. We will help you set up your GP account so that everything you need, like invoices, product catalogs, coupons, addons, etc., is up-to-date, enriching your current sales information.

Empower your Finance teams by creating a fully integrated revenue stack

Chargebee’s integration with Dynamics GP means that your Sales and Finance teams are no longer working in silos. Your Finance teams will benefit from automated payments collection, reconciliation, and revenue recognition via Chargebee. Sales teams have the latest information about a customer’s payments, changes to subscriptions and thereby have a better chance of driving more cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Transform your ERP into your single-source-of-truth for everything customer and revenue

Linking all the different tools to your Dynamics GP platform ensures that Finance and other downstream teams understand your customer like never before. Everything from preferred payment options to payment cycles to organizational structure, etc., about your customers, are available and ready to be utilized for your expansion campaigns. You can link your Dynamics GP platform with Power BI to build and analyze reports for the entire company. You can also use Chargebee’s out-of-the-box reports for everything related to subscriptions and invoices.