PieSync syncs your contacts 2-way and in real-time between your favorite cloud apps.

Sync contacts both ways between Chargebee and your favourite app real-time, with PieSync

Chargebee +

Creating and storing customers in your cloud-based apps is a necessary first step. But if you were using several such apps to run your business, then that step becomes redundant. A lot of businesses use the time-wasting import/export method, but your app is never really up-to-date.

Chargebee’s suite of integrations now includes PieSync that allows you to sync customer contacts bidirectionally, between Chargebee and your favourite app real-time.

Create contacts instantly

On an average, small and medium businesses use 13+ cloud apps at the same time, for various tasks. Exporting and importing customer contacts for each of these apps can be cumbersome. With the PieSync integration, you can simply connect your apps, while the contacts are created and synced across different apps instantly.

Save time and boost productivity

The sanity of contacts in your apps is maintained with a clean list, devoid of duplicates and incomplete data. PieSync transfers data and updates across the connected cloud apps, automatically, saving you time from manual data entry, and boosting your productivity

Get the most out of accurate data

Siloed data across different teams and functions can lower the impact on business decision-making, with lack of available shared customer information. PieSync allows you to sync across accounting, sales, marketing, and customer success platforms.