ReferralCandy is a referral marketing tool that gets you more customers by incentivizing referrals.

Build and Manage Smart Referral Marketing Campaigns for your Subscription Business

Chargebee +

Customer acquisition through word-of-mouth referral campaigns has always been a winning strategy for subscription businesses.

Chargebee now makes it easier for you to launch your own referral marketing programs that can help you build an army of advocates, with appropriate fraud detection and validation.

Engage and incentivize your advocates and earn valuable leads, with Chargebee’s integration with ReferralCandy.

Personalized Referral Campaigns

Build beautiful and personal referral campaigns in minutes

Add a touch of you, in your referral campaigns. Build and customize your personalized referral campaign.

Customize the look and functionality aligned with your brand, with personalized URLs, editable widgets that can be displayed as designed on the Hosted Thank You Page, and compatible across all devices. Send automatic email reminders in your own style to advocates to participate in the campaign.

Simplified Referral Tracking

Track and Optimize your Referral Campaigns

Move from idea to solution and test channels that work well for you and your customers. Invite and onboard customers through email, or embed the widget on the website

Optimize widget and track detailed metrics about performance. You can also track payouts with the integrated status reporting, to ensure that advocates are receiving credit for successful conversions

Automated Payouts

Automate Payouts With Account Credits

Tracking referrals and following up on payouts can be an arduous task. Simplify payouts of account credits with the integration.

Account credits are added to the advocate once the friend’s purchase is successful