Sync Customer Contacts into Your Favorite Cloud Application from Chargebee, Using Piesync

Chargebee, a secure billing and subscription management solution, has recently partnered with PieSync, a platform providing two-way contact sync for cloud applications. The integration enables businesses to sync their customer data in Chargebee with any other cloud application in real-time, and vice versa, using PieSync. This eliminates manual import or export of data and also helps increase productivity, by avoiding time consuming manual entries.

An average small to medium business runs 16 different cloud applications at a time. With an unprecedented rise in the use of multiple cloud applications, it gets challenging but crucial to manage data across all of them simultaneously. The Chargebee - PieSync partnership makes it flexible for businesses to maintain a uniform database across Chargebee and other connected cloud applications like MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify and Zendesk to name a few.

The Integration at a Glance

Let's consider an example of a business which uses Chargebee for subscription billing and HubSpot CRM for marketing. The business is likely to have different customer databases on both these cloud applications. To ensure that the business has consistent customer touch points, it becomes vital to sync the contact list in both the apps.

With the Chargebee - Piesync integration, each time a contact is added or updated in Chargebee, the changes will be auto - synced to HubSpot. Similarly, if the contact list is updated in HubSpot, the changes will get auto updated in Chargebee's database.This helps keep customer data consistent and accurate across the suite of tools and applications used by the business.

How the integration helps

  • Sync Both Ways
    The integration allows a bidirectional push of customer data from Chargebee into the cloud applications supported by PieSync. The integration also offers a unidirectional sync, based on business needs.
  • Improve Efficiency
    Maintaining consistent customer contacts between applications takes a lot of time and effort, involving manual exports and imports of data.The PieSync integration automates the syncing process in real-time. Chargebee users can use it to enable a two-way sync and synchronize data in real time, across all their connected cloud applications. This eliminates the need for manual extraction of data and deletion of duplicates.
  • Customize with Ease
    Users can customize the integration between Chargebee and other connected cloud applications by specifying which fields and categories to merge.
  • Increase Productivity
    When data is siloed across departments, it prevents the organisation from working collectively as a unit. The integration will help prevent data silos by keeping contacts synced, across all the cloud applications used by various teams in the organisation, from sales to product.
  • Ensure Data Accuracy
    The two-way sync will help consolidate customer data across Chargebee and other cloud applications, making the data more accurate, providing deeper insights and facilitating data driven decisions.

The native integration with Chargebee gives users a simple, robust way to keep their sales, marketing, and other business platforms aligned" said Ewout Meyns, PieSync CEO. "B2B and B2C business owners use multiple applications and it is a struggle to keep customer contact data consistent between them. PieSync overcomes this issue with intelligent two-way syncing to synchronize contact history between apps, he added.

Learn how to sync Chargebee contacts two-way in real time through PieSync here.